Hello from Nor Cal


Hi! I thought I’d throw up a quick Sunday night post to say hello from Nor Cal, I’m back home for a week and a half visiting my parents and trying to avoid the Phoenix heat.  After this trip I have a week back in Phoenix and then I’m off to NY for a fantastic wedding I’m photographing!  By the time I return the weather will be just perfect and I’ll stay put in Phoenix, as far as I know – hee hee.

Paris is almost 12 years old and the first morning it was pretty precious – he forgot I was home!  I called his name from the stairs and he kept running back and forth to mom and dad because they are typically the only ones home.  He was so confused until he saw me and realized, I was home!  He forgot!   He was excited all over again as if he saw me for the first time and it was just precious.  What can I say, he’s getting a little old.

I got here Friday afternoon, the Phoenix airport was pretty busy – Friday summers are packed because everyone is trying to get out of dodge, typically for just a quick weekend.


I have this thing for not wearing opened toed shoes for flights over 1 hour.  The longer the flight the higher the altitude which can make my toes feel super cold!  Overseas flights especially, I’m all bundled up!  These foldable flats by Yosi Samra in so many different styles, I love that they fold up in your bag.

I never know which gate I am by, I always hope it’s by the LGO, but this time I was happy to see Cartel and got the yummiest iced vanilla latte.  I have to admit I am not a Starbucks fan, I find myself nursing the drink all day, it’s just so hard for me to drink!  The only way I can drink it is if I order a tall for the milk to espresso shot ratio, just too bitter for me.


About to land in Sacramento – yep, lots of farm land!  Did you have any idea?  Betcha didn’t!

With all my traveling lately I sure wish Southwest Airlines would sponsor my blog – as if they needed the publicity.


I was happy to find my mom finished my seed stitch scarf.  Each row is 99 stitches and there are probably 70+ rows of each skein, I’m bad at guessing, but I’ll also guess that means it’s over 1,000 stitches.  I did bind off in the seed stitch so I kinda felt like I was able to “complete” it even though mom did the tedious part I just couldn’t do anymore!  I need a break from knitting!


The best snacks come in cute little bowls – now I know where I get it.  My mom gave me a little antique bowl of washed strawberries for a snack.

Is that weird that I caption my photos before the photo? I just think it makes more sense when you scroll down, it’s in order.  I might be weird.


In other news, I went to church with mom and dad and got to worship with Lincoln Brewster!  He’s the worship leader of our church back home – I seriously look so much forward to it every time I go home that I always try to make it to two Sundays that’s how much I  love my church back home.


Lincoln Brewster’s new album called Oxygen comes out this Tuesday.  He had a pre-sale at church and dad bought three of them, one for me.  I wasn’t sure how creative to get with photographing an album so I made my dog sit with it.  He looks pretty excited.

Hope you are all having a restful Sunday.


Diana Elizabeth will start seeing high school friends this week!  She also has an equestrian shoot this week too.

Diana Elizabeth is an author, photographer, and obsessive thrift shopper. You can typically find her in the garden wrist deep in dirt, at a local estate sale or planning her next epic party. She continues to blog weekly.



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