dep_3582Pajamas courtesy of Hanes ($11 – $17 ON SALE!)

These Hanes pajamas are like on super sale which made me really insist that I tell you about that, from one friend, to another. Use code TAKETEN for 10% off, puts my PJ’s from $38 to $17! I bought myself a new set the other day and gave my mom the pair you see me wearing now. She went crazy over it.

Jennifer (wearing the red dress version) bought 4 of them and the girls couldn’t stop raving about how comfy they are! If you want the dress version, it’s now under $11!

This post is like a public service announcement – you will be doing yourself, your mom and your friends a huge favor – call it a New Year gift. Grab the micro fleece sets they are soft on both sides and I was snug as a bug in a rug while back home in Nor Cal, where it’s cooler temps and my dad likes to keep the air low to avoid a high gas bill and tells me to put on a jacket in the house. *smirk* Love you dad!


I forgot taking photos was actually an event at our PJ party, it’s pretty hilarious if you saw the behind the scenes –


Just imagine what we were like when we met 11 years ago – at the clubs LOL.


Stay warm and cozy – and really, give up a few lattes this week and get a set, seriously. Then email me or leave me a comment telling me how much you love them and they have changed your world. xx