leather-tooled-purse-white-handbag-mexico-buy-order-chiseled-western-tassel-tote-purse-diana-elizabeth-lifestyle-fashion-blogger-phoenix-arizona-1515leather-tooled-purse-white-handbag-mexico-buy-order-chiseled-western-tassel-tote-purse-diana-elizabeth-lifestyle-fashion-blogger-phoenix-arizona-1550Dress: Abercrombie / Shoes: Steve Madden (similar) / Purse: Theresa medium leather purse (c/o)

It’s fall-ish here. It’s going to be as fall as it really can get in Phoenix, so a short-sleeved maxi will work until then, maybe I’ll throw on a sweater vest cardigan over it, which means I need to buy one. How pretty is this leather tooled bag? My friend Rocio gave me one, they are handmade from Guadalajara, Mexico.


They come in a variety of sizes and styles – I’m wearing the medium, and there is also a large tote, which comes with or without lining which is like see-through detailing, similar to a beach bag. If you get lining, it zips at the top (perfect for my mom who insists all purses should zip cl0se.

Also, check out the leather backpacks.


The backpacks are so darling, they are 100% leather and are so affordable, cheaper than a Madewell backpack and it has such cute tassel detail! Put a tassel on anything and I’ll probably buy it. I bought a leather tassel on Etsy and I clip it to my clutches, purses, anything for a little flirty look.


For up to date pricing information, visit Handmade Chiseled Handbags and Facebook message Rocio to get a quote. Orders take 5 business days to receive it, or she might have them on hand.

I’m totally eyeing a backpack for the next time I travel internationally.