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Are you ready for Halloween?

I purchased some “creative” Halloween candy and bendable monster toys – a little out of the ordinary, like eyeballs and more novelty. You know everyone walks by their Halloween treats grabbing a piece of candy and suddenly the day before Halloween you’re low on candy because you ate it all – well that is not the case with us because I bought toys and less common candy – so I went to CVS to pick some real candy and last minute Halloween snacks and decor – the candy was more for us, less for the trick-or-treaters.


Fanta Orange Soda is always my drink of preference if it’s available – just ask my girlfriends who find it funny that I’m like a little kid about it!

The bottle has a green top – that’s a perfect base for a pumpkin if you ask me! Instant Halloween decor!

Turn Fanta Orange Soda into festive Halloween pumpkins


1 / Print out this pumpkin printable I designed for you!

Print it on a full sheet of sticker paper or normal paper and tape in the back, whichever works best. This is sized for Fanta Orange Soda 2 liter bottles.

Click here for the PDF – print 2 so both sides of the bottle are covered.


2 / Cut

An X-ACTO paper cutter makes it easy – but if you need to use scissors, feel free to cut within the orange line, I gave enough bleed room.


3 / Tape

You can place two faces on each side of the bottle if you wish to wrap it around. Remove the Fanta label and stick.

CAUTION: Please tape securely so if person was pouring the label wouldn’t slip. Printing on sticker paper will ensure it stays put.


Add decor!


Some great complimentary food (for the colors)!

  • Blue corn tortilla chips with mango salsa
  • OREO Thins
  • Cheddar popcorn

If you come ring our doorbell, you are free to ask if we have any Fanta Orange Soda for you!


Last minute Halloween party needs? For all Your Thirsty Lil’ Monsters, save on Fanta 2 Liter Bottles – Get 4/$5 at your local CVS! Happy Halloween!