Hotel Steffen has been booked all month and what great excuse to step away from my computer! I didn’t stop work completely as it’s quite difficult to do that when running a business by yourself – but you know, I want my life back, and I want work to fit into the lifestyle I want – more time with my family and friends.

Life isn’t about work, even if you love it as much as I do – and trust me, do I love to work. When I post personal posts, I don’t always say it on social media. I simply post it and let it live here so you can read it if you want, or not. Usually when I post on social it has to do with being asked to (which is part of the job I happily signed up for) or if I want to share something important. But sometimes it’s nice to be quiet, and post because it makes me happy and not have to worry about additional social posts (to me that is luxury).

I have to remind myself how I need to live life before I’m onto the next stage or before this stage passes me by!

Here’s a little video I thought you’d like to see a quick short tour of the garden. Thanks to Love Story Films for capturing this – it was a rainy day and so when it stopped raining we ran out and shot then waited. Molly has become a supportive good friend of mine and we text throughout the week and day just to touch base and give each other emotional support which is much needed with what we do.

Nor Cal girlfriends came in town and it was eating and shopping – and boy do I mean shopping! I skipped the second Last Chance visit, the super sale was going on with .97 cents tops! It was insane and I was over it, and so were they but they got some great deals the morning they went and I stayed back to work a bit.

Tea and Toast of course – got to see my friend Allison the owner of Teaspressa (served at Tea and Toast) at Anthropologie’s pop up shop event.

My tank is from Anthro and I always get compliments on it wherever I go. I’ve had it for years and was one of those tops where I was like, Don’t touch it or else you’ll buy it and don’t look at the price tag because that’s touching it and you will then definitely buy it!!!

Obviously I bought it. No buyers remorse here. I indulged in a few more items at Anthro’s sale on sale.

We didn’t take many photos – we just relaxed all weekend. Laid out in the backyard in swimsuits eating snacks, took them to the nursery so I could order more plants (pahaha), went to church, ate some Barro’s pizza and just had some girl time. I am such a girly girl, I love my girlfriends. In college I was both, I had so many guy friends too and that was so fun! But once you get married that dynamic changes because your husband becomes your best friend and well, guy friends get married and you know. Respect! But anyway, I’m glad I’ll never have to give up my girls, they are the best!

 I ordered 3 bougevvilla plants (two are an insanely awesome color) and 3 red oleanders to thicken up our outer wall. Also 3 purple artichokes to go in the front for landscaping – fingers crossed it will work out because my purple hop seeds are not happy facing north. I know you can’t see it up close but I’m wearing a cactus shirt – so appropriate for my nursery visit.

I realized there’s a lot of my good friends you don’t see on my feed regularly, but they are all around. I forget to take pictures during our time together, even though maybe I should, but I think I’m just grateful to spend time with them without over documenting every dinner or get together. Have to say, really missing my dog Paris a lot, been crying a lot thinking about him all week just wishing I would stop being sad, I don’t like that I’m going to miss him forever (maybe I’m hormonal this minute?). I talked about him over lunch, just about going home and how hard it is for me, and my girlfriends and I started to cry before our meal was delivered, poor waitress delivers food to three girls with tears in their eyes! They knew Paris and are huge dog lovers. Well, that’s what friends are for, to shed a tear or two with you, along with the fun.