Girl’s weekend at Four Seasons Resort Scottsdale


It’s been over a year since my last get together with my Club MED girls – an acronym for Melissa, Emily, Diana that is (2 of us live in PHX, 1 in SF). Make no mistake, we didn’t go to a Club MED, but rather enjoyed an incredibly indulgent time at the Four Seasons Resort Scottsdale. We met while living in Los Angeles and working in the entertainment/PR industry, we became fast friends. Melissa I met in college, Emily and I met through an NBC internship, I introduced the two and through the years and several relocations, we continued to be present for each other’s birthdays, showers, weddings, even pageants (that would be mine haha).

Because of them both, I am a blogger. The idea never crossed my mind until years ago when they both convinced me it was a direction I should try – write more, about the things I love and see where it takes me. Years later, a sweet invitation from Four Seasons was extended and I knew I had to invite the girlfriends who encouraged my journey and been by my side through it all.


Our Club MED get togethers are a yearly tradition – visits with a spa service. The Four Seasons Resort Scottsdale at Troon North is just 40 minutes north from where I live, Central Phoenix.  Higher elevation, beautiful scenery and well, 10 degrees cooler my friends. We don’t have to go too far to get out of the heat! It’s also a AAA Five Diamond Resort.

We hit the pool, which was incredibly comfortable right under the shade and we weren’t sweating at all. Imagine that!


Emily who lives in San Francisco, surprised us with a thoughtful, personalized gift from Parker Thatch for us to honor the occasion. Last summer I gifted the girls each an initial necklace when we had Club MED in San Francisco.


After pool time, it was spa time – really, the best time – right? All 3 of us choose the same treatment – Four Seasons in One which was 80 minutes of bliss! A half hour of massage techniques, light scrub and a warm soothing wrap. I felt a new woman!

I wish you knew the things my girlfriends say to me to crack me up. In this case, I asked, “Do I look OK?” In which I heard from behind the camera, “You look like a mental patient.”


We checked into our spacious room with a view on both sides – a true Sonoran Oasis located in the foothills of Pinnacle Peak!

My surprise to them, thanks to Four Seasons‘s marketing setting this up for us – initial balloons!


We walked to Proof, a super yummy home-style comfort restaurant on site which is just darling inside and out. The pretzel knots and the wings were right on point for an appetizer – I had a delicious NY steak, and their dessert menu, goodness, I ordered a root beer float with brownies in it. Heaven.

This spot definitely a spot worth visiting for the food and views (and temperatures).

diana-elizabeth-blog-travel-fashion-blogger-phoenix-arizona-scottsdale-troon-four-seasons-scottsdale_0014 diana-elizabeth-blog-travel-fashion-blogger-phoenix-arizona-scottsdale-troon-four-seasons-scottsdale_0023

When evening rolled around, it was time to rent a movie, crank up the AC, and get cozy in bed. I am beyond tempted to buy their pillows, the exact ones in the room which are for sale at their spa for $70. It was like sleeping on a cloud – if you like those fluffy pillows. Birthday wish list!

Next morning, brunch, back at Proof.

diana-elizabeth-blog-travel-fashion-blogger-phoenix-arizona-scottsdale-troon-four-seasons-scottsdale_0022 diana-elizabeth-blog-travel-fashion-blogger-phoenix-arizona-scottsdale-troon-four-seasons-scottsdale_0021

Not pictured – a post with my leg sticking out Angela Jolie 84th Academy Awards red carpet style. That images goes into our personal Club MED album, many photos which will not be shared and for our complete nerdy viewing pleasure only.

diana-elizabeth-blog-travel-fashion-blogger-phoenix-arizona-scottsdale-troon-four-seasons-scottsdale_0020Maxi dress

If you recognize this location, you may have seen Bethany’s poolside maternity which was darling with her Betsy Johnson bikini. The grounds are so pretty, everywhere you turn right by boulders.

And that girl’s Scottsdale staycation wraps up another Club MED trip! We chatted about our favorite Club MED locations over the years and are thrilled to add this past weekend to our book of memories we’ll be chatting about for years to come. I am thankful for girlfriends who make friendship such a priority, and fly out for any excuse to spend with each other. What a treat to get together again and thank you to Emily and Melissa for some of the greatest company and support over the years, and to Four Seasons Resort Scottsdale at Troon North for the weekend. What a treat, what a beautiful location, we have such thankful hearts!

diana-elizabeth-blog-travel-fashion-blogger-phoenix-arizona-scottsdale-troon-four-seasons-scottsdale_0019 diana-elizabeth-blog-travel-fashion-blogger-phoenix-arizona-scottsdale-troon-four-seasons-scottsdale_0009diana-elizabeth-blog-travel-fashion-blogger-phoenix-arizona-scottsdale-troon-four-seasons-scottsdale_0016

I want to take a second to talk about girlfriends – I have several different groups from life over the years. High school, Nor Cal girls, Pageant, Christian, Club MED and special individual friendships – all equally important and meaningful throughout my life. I recall when I interned in Los Angeles, I heard a woman describe another woman as one who, “had great a collection of friends,” and it moved me. I too, wanted a great collection and was determined to find women of great character, loyalty and spontaneity. My gf groups know about the others and often ask how everyone else is doing – they blend, overlap, and take interest and care – no cliques, just true beautiful hearts that I enjoy introducing them to one another. There’s nothing like having the right people who can converse, welcome, and love. I say this to encourage, embrace and praise those friendships you have that are genuine – because while I’ve found a great collection, I know they are diamonds in the rough. Let’s celebrate each other and say cheers to girl’s weekends!  May we never get old or too busy for them!

Diana Elizabeth is an author, photographer, and obsessive thrift shopper. You can typically find her in the garden wrist deep in dirt, at a local estate sale or planning her next epic party. She continues to blog weekly.



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