How’s your Christmas shopping coming along? I’m just about done.

Now, here are a few things for the cooking lover, or not (I fall into this category). These are kitchen items I own that have really helped me get over the hump of cooking and doing it well – or better at least. These would be great presents for any person, someone who loves to cook, and those who are cooking challenged because they make it much easier and fun to get in and out of the kitchen! I promise!

A mini oven – the Airfryer

It doesn’t fry in oil – it fries with air – as in put it in a basket and hot air circulates around it and cooks your food. This airfryer arrived as a review opportunity (see in depth review here) and we have used it on a weekly basis. Instead of turning on the oven for pre-heat, we toss in the veggies (lots of things can be heated up or cooked in an airfyer) and let it warm/cook/bake it faster, and healthier. It also doesn’t warm up our entire house and it’s an easy clean up.

We are crazy about our airfryer and if anyone isn’t a cook like myself, this is hands down, amazing.

81heHEoWWxL._SL1500_Avalon Bay Airfryer200SS $89-$99 stainless steel option on Amazon

The perfectly hard boiled egg cooker

I’ve had the pot of water boil completely dry and eggs blow up on my kitchen ceiling. When a gf told me about this egg cooker that takes 10 minutes and beeps until you come turn it off, I was sold. It also cooks them to your preference. Mr. Wonderful is pleased and I love how easy it is.


Cuisinart Egg Central Egg Cooker, $40 Amazon

A touch of London

Benjamin calls this my Mr. Pringles instead of Sergeant Pepper. I just though the was adorable and reminded me of London, works well and is only $15.


71HWpuf0mnL._SL1500_Sgt Pepper Mill, $15 on Amazon