Getting your wedding featured in a blog

I was thrilled to see Stephanie and James’ wedding featured on Style Me Pretty last week!  It got me thinking about a pretty popular question I’ve been asked.

“How do I get my wedding featured in a blog or magazine?” I know I wanted mine to be featured and I was happy with our wedding photographer Ryan Ray told me me and Mr. Wonderful would be in Style Me Pretty, see it here.

Before I begin, I want to emphasize that there are a LOT of factors that determine which weddings will be taken by blogs.  Some include:

  1. Who you hire to photograph your wedding.
  2. The originality of details your wedding has.
  3. How saturated the blogs might be with submissions.
  4. The type of blog it is and whether your wedding style fits their readership.
  5. Any other politics the publications may have such as preference to advertisers.

Things that you, as a bride can do to increase your chances of your wedding getting featured:

  1. Hire an event designer.  A wedding coordinator, planner, event designer, they all go by different names now, can add not only creativity to your wedding, but really spruce up those details and figure out how to stretch your budget with DIY ideas or know where a majority of the budget should be allocated.  They are your visionaries so you need to pick one who has impeccable style.  She also has the resources the general public can’t find.  Look at her portfolio to see what weddings she’s already planned.  Also note, some wedding coordinator packages only include day of set up, so I’d suggest going with a higher package so she can design, create, and execute your entire day.
  2. Go with an already published photographer. This isn’t to say that one that hasn’t been published on a blog won’t get yours there, but a photographer who already knows the blog submission processes, and has the connections or knows what it takes to get a blog feature, will know what to photograph.  This also applies to your event coordinator.  But, if you don’t have anything to photograph…
  3. Have details!  Blogs want details!  Readers want to see details!  So look on Pinterest for fun ideas, creative centerpieces, florals, signs, sign in table, and guestbook.  From your jewelry to the shoes on your feet, it all needs to be lovely to photograph and share.  Standard hotel/reception centerpieces lack creativeness and brides who surf blogs want to be inspired.  So inspire them!
  4. Get married some place beautiful.  A beautiful location with beautiful open shade, architecture, lush landscape and of course the lighting during your portrait time will make your photographs swoon worthy.
  5. Get married outside and have the reception outside.  Outdoor lighting is the best.  I should know, I photograph them and I even got married outside in the snow! I made sure our photographer decided when I should get married and we decided on morning light.  If the weather and bugs allow, have your reception outside.  Also make sure the sun hasn’t already set when your outdoor reception begins.  Remember, photography requires light and blogs like natural light.

That really is it.  While it sounds simple enough, it isn’t a guarantee, or that easy.  Every wedding is a case by case basis with many factors as I’ve mentioned above.   I don’t guarantee to any of my clients that their weddings will get featured – and I only submit my strongest.

So remember, just because your wedding doesn’t get picked up by a blog doesn’t mean it wasn’t beautiful or special or that your vendor team didn’t try their hardest.  It can be a multitude of reasons that are out of your control.  Nonetheless, please don’t put so much emphasis on the success or weight of your special day just because of it.   After all, your wedding photos on your mantel should be your most prized display of all.

Diana Elizabeth says she is leaving one hot place to go to another next week.  From PHX to LAS, it’s girl time to watch one of her friends compete at a national Mrs. United States pageant.  Time to lounge by the pool, eat crazy buffets and reminisce about the pageant days.

Diana Elizabeth is an author, photographer, and obsessive thrift shopper. You can typically find her in the garden wrist deep in dirt, at a local estate sale or planning her next creative themed party. She continues to blog weekly.

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