diana Elizabeth lifestyle blogger sitting in chair in home office

Getting life ready for fall

diana Elizabeth lifestyle blogger sitting in chair in home office

I was meeting a girlfriend for lunch and thought, wait can I wear this color or am I supposed to be dressing like it’s fall? Because it’s definitely cooler out now but it’s still above 90 – and trust me, it does feel good – I mean compared to 115 you know? I’m heading back out to the OC in a few weeks to visit one of my best girlfriends for some major girl time and vegging (she’s like a sister) and that’s when I’ll buy some fall clothes because I need it!

Let’s talk about some things that I did these past few weeks and maybe this will motivate you for some fall-ready cleaning. I am SO excited for fall, I can go outside and garden and be in my happy place.

I’ve hit a milestone which I set for myself – OK let’s just say I looked at reports a month ago and said, hey good job, you should relax or take another vacation. After I wrap up some really important projects I hope to mentally give myself the break relax, visit with friends and be outside ALL THE TIME – it’s when I want to be on my break to enjoy – yes, summer was a break too but I also worked a lot, I only took one month completely off (June)!

Things I accomplished

  • Entered physical business cards digitally into my contacts
  • Grabbed an old shopping bag and went through every drawer in my office. Dumped things I don’t love/want in it, will donate.
  • Tossed books
  • Listed some mirrorless camera equipment online
  • Prepped closet for fall/winter and dropped off to consignment – reminder they are accepting fall/winter now!
  • Made a half-dozen girlfriend dates and double dates this week including a 2.5 hour phone call to my girlfriend.
  • HUGE stock image corporate shoot with one of my favorite clients.
  • Learned if I was part parting my hair the right way.

On my to-do list – eventually to do

  • Pick up the half-read book and finish it (if it’s worth it) to get it off my shelf
  • Pick one of my film cameras (I have 3) and walk around the block and shoot an entire roll of film.
  • Shoot a session entirely on film
  • Finish planning posts to the end of the year – something like 13 more Saturdays until Christmas. FREAK OUT NOW!
  • Make Christmas list

Anything good you accomplish this week or hope to?

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Diana Elizabeth is an author, photographer, and obsessive antique shopper. You can typically find her in the garden wrist deep in dirt, at a local estate sale or planning her next epic party. She continues to blog weekly.


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