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While my garden isn’t looking like a beauty queen this time of year due to the extreme summer heat in Phoenix – 110 to be exact, I wanted to share some garden inspiration I saw in Nashville and Mendocino County. So we can daydream about when my garden can look like this.

I took these images  while traveling for my own files and future projects so feel free to pin them or save them for your own garden plans!

Before we know its fall will be here and I will be elbow deep in fresh mulch and new veggies, I can’t wait!

Cheekwood in Nashville

This was a cute little set up in Cheekwood in Nashville for the kiddos to play, but truly I was incredibly inspired!! Even leaving the cut down log stump as a ramp for kids to run up and down and a fun obstacle course!

The details on this garden fence is just so lovely! Can you imagine? I don’t know how a normal person like me can get this made, so if you find out, let me know!

fence detail Nashville cheek wood garden house

Garden fence detail at Cheekwood in Nashville

A little peek into the actual raised garden bed with the wicker detail around the beds (I want to do this!) I would also love to rock our garden area but it has to be with a certain rock that won’t float away in the grass with the flood irrigation as well. So many things to consider and so many exciting plans in my head. I worry however that this will just keep the heat in around my beds and that’s not what they need.

Here are a few IG stories I shared while at Cheekwood:

I think that’s why I love gardening – it is a way for me to decorate more spaces outdoors. I have little control over how things look so it allows me to “go with the flow” a bit more and ease up. Perhaps I can say it’s helped me with control issues, haha! I try my best, things die, I understand failure and I move on and try again. And a new season brings a new palette for me to decorate and it evolves as time goes on so I have to learn patience.

So many life lessons you learn through gardening, if you let it.

detail around the raised garden beds wicker

Cheekwood in Nashville

rabbit detail fence in the garden cheekwood in Nashville

In Mendocino County we stopped by the Botanical Gardens and I came across this amazing gate! I now want one! So magical and it blends into the landscape!

branch gate at Mendocino County Botanical Gardens

botanical gardens gate make it with your own scraps of tree branches

This was to prevent the deer from getting in and eating the some of the special grounds. Meanwhile, into the vegetable garden at the botanical gardens, I saw this wire area for vines to climb up.

train the vines up this medicine county botanical gardensclimbing vines for gardens

I love that the veggies are right in the ground – we can’t do this due to flood irrigation and grass would take over since Bermuda and winter grass seeds are spread from the flood irrigation. But I sure do love the way this looks and can add/make something like this on the edge of my own raised garden beds!

vegetable garden at mendocino county gardensmendocino gardens botanical gardensvegetable garden shed at Mendocino County

Here are a few clips that were on my IG stories while at the Mendocino Botanical Gardens (the cafe there is delicious too!) –

Walking around Mendocino there were also some gorgeous flowers I had to take photos of and share too. I love the way the gate looks with the florals, you could do seasonal flowers there and we are thinking of adding a garden gate to the front of our home when we finally add a garage and work on the front landscape.


Diana Elizabeth is an author, photographer, and obsessive thrift shopper. You can typically find her in the garden wrist deep in dirt, at a local estate sale or planning her next epic party. She continues to blog weekly.


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