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gathering purple carrots in winter vegetable harvest raised garden beds Diana Elizabeth blog - #garden #gardenbedsgarden tools hanging on old rake mount

We had a few rainy days in Phoenix and I wanted to show you how lovely the garden looks on overcast days.  I’ve been loving the new view from the expansion – now called the garden room. *wink*

I was concerned about the garden views from the new room since the windows over by the garden area isn’t ceiling to floor, but I have to say, the views are still dreamy. A bit of sprinkles here and there, I was happy to get out, check on the garden and take you with me. ♥

purple carrot harvest winter garden veggies lifestyle blogger Diana Elizabeth

I planted these purple carrots from seed early fall. I have always loved to start carrots from seed because it’s so easy and affordable, you throw them in and ignore it for months. Then you pull it out a few months later and wow! This was the first time I checked on the carrots and when I saw them I exclaimed, “They’re beautiful!”

The lettuce is also very happy, and seeing the artichoke return makes me excited for spring when they will spout and I let them flower because they are so gorgeous.

cutting lettuce in the garden beds Diana Elizabeth blog - #garden #gardenbeds
lettuce gathering in garden beds Diana Elizabeth blog - #garden #gardenbeds

garden blog into the garden wet winter day with lifestyle blogger Diana Elizabeth holding garden veggie basket #garden #raisedgarenbeds #gardener

We painted the doors black, later this week if plans go accordingly, you’ll see the entire outside! I’m so glad we painted it back, the door color is Black Magic by Sherwin-Williams. White exterior is Alabaster (it’s a warm white).

We just finished the brick steps, thank you Richard for doing it so quickly. It really ties in our brick exterior with the new addition.

The poppies look so happy and I dedicated a raised garden bed to just florals which brings me pops of color to the garden area. It also just lets me throw every colorful flower I like in there.

gathering lettuce in the winter garden Diana Elizabeth -

holding purple carrots winter harvest from garden #garden #gardenbeds

A little rinse off really brings out the gorgeous purple in the carrots – these are quite sweet I can’t explain why I love purple carrots so much!

cutting flowers in floral bed Diana Elizabeth blog - #garden #gardenbeds

trimming poppy flowers in raised garden beds lifestyle garden blogger Diana Elizabeth #garden #gardenbeds
red poppy in the raised garden beds after the rain #garden #gardenbeds

after the rain picking flowers in the garden bed red poppy #garden

rainy day garden goods gathering lifestyle blogger Diana Elizabeth #gardenblog #garden

garden blogger under patio rainy winter day in the garden - #garden

So here’s a quick peak of the porch I wiped down quickly and you can see the expansion in the back. We bought some new Bougainvillea (far right) of the white expansion.

We have a few more projects around here we need to work on, a super fun project we need to work on for a path.


holding purple carrots winter harvest from garden #garden #gardenbeds

winter rainy garden harvest in metal basket. lifestyle blogger Diana Elizabeth blog

Thank you Heather Kinkel for taking these photos!

Trying to decide what to write to make myself sound interesting.



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