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The roof over our head with GAF

gaf roofing barkwood color roof shingles - sitting on rooftop

The first thing completed of our expansion was the most important part – the roof!

You may have recalled we got a new roof four years ago, the same time I added the first skylight to our home (we now have 5 total to be discussed soon). We had a 3-tab roof shingle we knew would last a few more years before we needed a new one – always the first question one asks before purchasing a home. I was definitely excited for a new look but let’s be honest no one looks forward to the cost of a new roof so you want to make sure you do enough research and you love your roof!


gaf roofing barkwood color roof shingles - sitting on rooftop

I looked at everyone’s roof in our 50’s neighborhood, kinda like when you’re looking for a car so you start to notice every car on the road trying to decide which are the contenders. We drove around our neighborhood, nearby neighborhoods, everywhere we went, and we just didn’t see anything that stood out. I wanted a wood shake roof but that wasn’t going to happen and the weight of a tile roof wouldn’t work is what we were told. The tile roof was something my parents wanted being from California it’s a typical roof style.

When our roofer showed a few samples that fit the criteria I had, sort of an in-between of a wood shake and tile, one of the options we were presented was GAF designer roofing shingles, Camelot® II Lifetime Designer Shingle in Barkwood. It was perfect!

gaf roofing barkwood color roof shingles - sitting on rooftop

That was four years ago, and since, every time I drive up to our house when I see our roof I am so happy with our choice.

Your home’s roof is like a hat or haircut and color for your house, it adds personality to the entire look, it’s curb appeal. You can’t change it often like a haircut though, so you really need to make sure you love it – and we do! Obviously with the 425 square foot expansion, we had to match the original roof shingles.

I reached out to GAF and told them about our expansion, how we were already customers, and they graciously provided the roof over our head for the expansion! I was thrilled when the shingles arrived since we started this project in the fall and experienced some rain so it was perfect timing to get the roof on even before the walls were up!

gaf roofing barkwood color roof shingles - sitting on rooftop

This specific roof shingle, the GAF Camelot® II Lifetime Designer Shingle is perfect if you love the wood shake or slate tile look – it’s a fraction of the cost of those materials without sacrificing quality or beauty. It is really the perfect look for a cottage style lover, coastal, traditional, and if you find yourself loving the wood shake look or a slate.

If you go to the GAF website you can view the different colors and roof shingles on residential homes to help you visualize it on your own home. I remember knowing I wanted a warm brown to go with the red brick of our home to really make it feel cozy cottage – and like a dark wood – the shake look.

If you’re in the market for a roof in the new few years keep your eyes on GAF roofing options. I think you’ll find the perfect style, color and one that will fit within your budget.

The roof over our head is completely finished, hurray!

GAF roofing Camelot II designer shingles in Barkwood on lifestyle home blogger Diana Elizabeth sitting on the special delivery of roof shingles!

GAF roofing barkwood color camelot II designer shingles on house

This was the second time I’ve ever been on a roof by the way – the first time Benjamin wanted to show me something else on our roof and this time I obviously needed to come up and show you how awesome our roof is – and well, the cloudy sky from the weather we’ve been having made a great backdrop. Boy was it a little chilly with the wind haha!

Maybe we’ll have to come back up to enjoy fireworks – if we aren’t melting July 4. Ha!

No compensation was provided for this post. GAF provided roofing shingles for the home project in exchange for sharing my honest review. All opinions are always my own.

Diana Elizabeth is an author, photographer, and obsessive antique shopper. You can typically find her in her garden wrist deep in dirt, at a local estate sale or planning her next epic party.


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