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I live really close to an outdoor mall, with lots of great shops, a J.Crew (because that’s what draws me in), and also great restaurants.  So the strange thing was since last Friday, I was at that mall four times in three days.  I went twice one day to meet up for coffee with a girlfriend and back later that night with Mr. Wonderful to get him a shirt at Saks Fifth Avenue.


Have you ever been to Royal Coffee Bar?  There are a three locations in the Phoenix valley, this is Biltmore early morning.

I met up with JM and had lovely conversation in the morning before the heat settled in.  We found a sweet spot outdoors in the shade chit chatting across a beautiful solid thick wood plank, sitting on bright yellow stools.  Even though I get to see her every week in our small married group, nothing beats one-on-one conversation.

It also reminded me of the time we spent together when I was a new believer and how much I needed her encouragement.  As Nacho Libre would say, things like, “I’m concerned about your salvation…and stuff.”


I’m a huge iced vanilla latte lover in case you didn’t already know that.

Then as you know, my college gf Jackie was out and the last day together we headed to the mall yet again – that was my fourth and last time, to return the dresses she didn’t wear to the wedding.  We were starving.

We ate at Blanco Taco + Tequilla‘s small window which closes around 3 or 4 p.m. depending on how busy they are that day.  It’s a walkup window with a very limited menu, you find a seat right there and wait for your name to be a called but it’s all you need for a quick meal.  I love their street tacos, 2 for $6.

I popped the carrot in my mouth and it was crazy hot.  I was choking, not what I expected.  I still swallowed because that would’ve been the better thing to do than what I really wanted to do.  I get the traditional carnitas, they are juicy and refreshing, a little bit of a spice but not too spicy for this gal.

Their queso blanco sauce with chips is so delicious.  Get it, it’s worth it, tasty like the Lord’s chips.  Super warm and cheesy, but not heavy.


And don’t forget their agua fresca, it’s usually strawberry but this time it was wild berry.  The strawberry version reminds me of the strawberry syrup you put on waffles, very sweet and a bit thicker than water to drink.

I was sharing with Jackie how important it is to surround ourselves with those we can be accountable to.  She knows my best girlfriends here in Phoenix and she absolutely loves them and their character.  It also reminds me that the time we spend with friends should include fellowship time, not just always hanging out having small talk.  Talking about the deeper stuff, life, spiritual stuff, God, you know, churchy opportunities.

Are any of you catching my Nacho Libre lines?


Do you ever notice how food can bring people together?  How you can have deep conversations over food, it’s not just about the food, but the time spent?  I’ve become that foodie person just because it means I can hang out with a friend and chit chat.

Then we went back home and I made us iced vanilla lattes with soy.  Read this post on how I make my lattes.


Then we watched the final Twilight.  Did the rolling credits with the slow motion black and white shots make anyone else want to cry?  My heart always sinks, I swear I feel it squeeze out a tear.   I am strangely overwhelmed with gratitude for the cast and the series.  I’m way too old to be feeling this way about Twilight but I don’t care.  Twihard forever.

Anyway.  Mr. Wonderful brought back his boss so we had to pause the movie to show him our home and collect a few grapefruits.  I thought this shot was cute, two dudes in scrubs and a grapefruit picker.


Then, later that evening it was time to say goodbye to my college sweetheart who has been my best friend since we were 18.

Silk top: Calypso St. Barth / Leggings: Sammy Dress c/o / Sandals: J.Crew

I love spending time with good longtime friends.  I think it fuels the soul like church, don’t you?  I also think good time can help encourage and spur one another on.  I had a three-hour lunch at AZ Bread Co. after a shoot with Brenna.  She assisted me on my last corporate shoot this season, what a great way to wrap it up.  It’s always uplifting to chat with her, bare my soul, and be encouraged.

Food and fellowship, food feeds the belly, fellowship feeds the soul.  Try it this weekend with those you spend it with.  Speaking of, I have another close gf from Nor Cal in town this weekend.  I am sure we’ll eat at the same places, but this time, I’m going to try to avoid that mall.  I look crazy.

In hair life news, I requested much more than a trim, earlier this week.  This is probably the shortest I have been in years since I’ve always been one of those gals who found security in long hair.  I decided I was tired of long, heavy, and the same and I wanted to avoid the frump I felt last summer so I requested Catt Sadler length hair – she’s on E!.  I think there’s a healthy length for different stages of life and seasons, and I think this might be easier for me this summer!  I’m already loving it and we’ll see if this sticks, I hope so.  Mr. Wonderful prefers long hair, but don’t all men?

It was really neat that she RT and agreed I nailed her hair cut on Twitter.


Diana Elizabeth says Happy Mother’s Day to all of you mom’s out there!  You are never thanked enough, and there is not enough appreciation that could ever be done or said to show how important of a role you have!  Enjoy your weekend!

Diana Elizabeth is an author, photographer, and obsessive antique shopper. You can typically find her in her garden wrist deep in dirt, at a local estate sale or planning her next epic party.


  • Lydia

    Yes, there’s just something about sharing a meal that creates a deeper connection and fellowship! I think I’ll be adding a few more get togethers with friends before the wedding season truly begins!

  • angel swanson

    Love the shorter hair; you look gorg! I also wish I was visiting you so I could eat carnitas tacos and the Lord’s cheeps with you. ;-) xoxo

    • Diana Elizabeth

      It’s so much easier to maintain! I wish we lived closer. I’d play with Olive’s hair all the time and take her photo and we’d eat out, and go to the farmer’s market and walk on the beach all the time. Oh Cali, how much I miss my home state!

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