Brenna Prescott Arizona Maternity


This beautiful sweet soul, Brenna, is welcoming her second child, a baby girl very soon. We headed up to their Prescott cabin for the weekend for cooler temps and breathtaking views of the valley. As we drove down to head to the location, we parked the car on the side of the road for a few quick shots with the beautiful mountains before we ended at Granite Basin Lake.

I love this gal to pieces. I’m thankful to have her in my life, to engage in deep chats, regular lunches, and have a loyal, goofy friend to go through life with. She truly is as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside.

diana-elizabeth-photography-brenna-heater-baby-girl-maternity-prescott-phoenix-arizona-maternity-photographer-forest-woods-free-people-romantic-pink-maternity-dress002 diana-elizabeth-photography-brenna-heater-baby-girl-maternity-prescott-phoenix-arizona-maternity-photographer-forest-woods-free-people-romantic-pink-maternity-dress005diana-elizabeth-photography-brenna-heater-baby-girl-maternity-prescott-phoenix-arizona-maternity-photographer-forest-woods-free-people-romantic-pink-maternity-dress028 diana-elizabeth-photography-brenna-heater-baby-girl-maternity-prescott-phoenix-arizona-maternity-photographer-forest-woods-free-people-romantic-pink-maternity-dress012diana-elizabeth-photography-brenna-heater-baby-girl-maternity-prescott-phoenix-arizona-maternity-photographer-forest-woods-free-people-romantic-pink-maternity-dress006
diana-elizabeth-photography-brenna-heater-baby-girl-maternity-prescott-phoenix-arizona-maternity-photographer-forest-woods-free-people-romantic-pink-maternity-dress007diana-elizabeth-photography-brenna-heater-baby-girl-maternity-prescott-phoenix-arizona-maternity-photographer-forest-woods-free-people-romantic-pink-maternity-dress009 diana-elizabeth-photography-brenna-heater-baby-girl-maternity-prescott-phoenix-arizona-maternity-photographer-forest-woods-free-people-romantic-pink-maternity-dress014 diana-elizabeth-photography-brenna-heater-baby-girl-maternity-prescott-phoenix-arizona-maternity-photographer-forest-woods-free-people-romantic-pink-maternity-dress015diana-elizabeth-photography-brenna-heater-baby-girl-maternity-prescott-phoenix-arizona-maternity-photographer-forest-woods-free-people-romantic-pink-maternity-dress029diana-elizabeth-photography-brenna-heater-baby-girl-maternity-prescott-phoenix-arizona-maternity-photographer-forest-woods-free-people-romantic-pink-maternity-dress016diana-elizabeth-photography-brenna-heater-baby-girl-maternity-prescott-phoenix-arizona-maternity-photographer-forest-woods-free-people-romantic-pink-maternity-dress017 diana-elizabeth-photography-brenna-heater-baby-girl-maternity-prescott-phoenix-arizona-maternity-photographer-forest-woods-free-people-romantic-pink-maternity-dress019 diana-elizabeth-photography-brenna-heater-baby-girl-maternity-prescott-phoenix-arizona-maternity-photographer-forest-woods-free-people-romantic-pink-maternity-dress020diana-elizabeth-photography-brenna-heater-baby-girl-maternity-prescott-phoenix-arizona-maternity-photographer-forest-woods-free-people-romantic-pink-maternity-dress025 diana-elizabeth-photography-brenna-heater-baby-girl-maternity-prescott-phoenix-arizona-maternity-photographer-forest-woods-free-people-romantic-pink-maternity-dress026 diana-elizabeth-photography-brenna-heater-baby-girl-maternity-prescott-phoenix-arizona-maternity-photographer-forest-woods-free-people-romantic-pink-maternity-dress027diana-elizabeth-photography-brenna-heater-baby-girl-maternity-prescott-phoenix-arizona-maternity-photographer-forest-woods-free-people-romantic-pink-maternity-dress024

See Brenna’s baby shower, and her first maternity session here.

Maternity dress: ASOS

Diana Elizabeth is an author, photographer, and obsessive thrift shopper. You can typically find her in the garden wrist deep in dirt, at a local estate sale or planning her next epic party. She continues to blog weekly.


  • Sumona Karjee

    Hi Diana, I am working on pregnancy health and wanted to create an informative photo video on pregnancy health and pregnancy induced complications. I will be thankful if you can share a few of your photographs for the purpose. Your contribution will be acknowledged in the video. Thanks in anticipation of your support for the noble cause.

    • Diana Elizabeth

      Hi Sumona, I cannot provide them because of the model rights (she’s a professional) and also usage. However, you can definitely buy some stock images online at or, or even they are very affordable! Good luck with your research and presentation!

  • Carmen

    Oh Wow, Diana what a gorgeous maternity shoot!! This is weird, but I thought I was looking at myself in these pictures! Gosh, Brenna and I could almost be related! Oh and she’s making me wanna get pregnant now ;) Lol. Jokes aside – wonderful work!! You capture this family so beautifully!! <3

    • Diana Elizabeth

      Hi Carmen! I totally see it!!! :) Well, if you get pregnant you can envision what you’d look like and your maternity pics too! hee hee. Pregnancy really suits her so well, I’m in awe! Thanks so much for the sweet compliment, xo!

  • Carissa

    What beautiful photographs, Diana!
    The black and white ones are especially stunning. The gowns she wore are incredible. If she’s finished having kids, think she’d send them to me? ;)
    I felt like such a frump while prego. So wish I had done a session…not really sure why I didn’t.

    • Diana Elizabeth

      Hi thanks Carissa! So get this, the only dress that was maternity was the pink ASOS dress, but the other two were just regular dresses from Nordstrom Rack! She just sized appropriately for her body, so hope that gives some encouragement to find things out there, doesn’t have to be just maternity :)

  • Gail M. Weide

    Absolutely GORGEOUS work once again. Brenna is stunning in every picture and I love that you included her sweet husband and son in some of the shots! The photo that is absolutely mesmerizing is the b/w shot of her in the white eyelet dress with the flowers in her hair, where she is looking down. WOW! And I love the b/w of her in the pinky/peachy dress where she is looking down; and the shot of her standing alone in the trees (color shot).
    WOW! WOW! WOW! Such beautiful work and such a beautiful lady. Thank you for sharing these.
    Blessings, G

    • Diana Elizabeth

      Hi Gail, what a sweet comment thank you SO much! Brenna is quite photogenic so I have to say, I got really lucky! She found the great locations and invested in some adorable dresses so it was just pure heaven for me behind the lens! We have a mix of lighting from overcast but glad to see the light peek from between a few trees, very forest-fairy like. It was worth all the mosquito bites I got (my gf said I looked like I had the chicken pox!). Thanks for being such a great supporter of my work and blog! xo

  • Kate

    Gorgeous. Beautiful work per usual, Diana!

  • Stephanie Young

    Stunning work and beatiful family!


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