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t’s been one busy week away starting in San Diego with one of my best friends then we headed to Northern California back home to visit my parents. We have been in Mendocino County exploring the Mendocino Coast (I think it might be the best one in all of California in my opinion) and Fort Bragg. It wasn’t the easiest to get to, but wow was it worth it. I have lots of images to edit and share.

Because I didn’t have a post prepared for today, I thought I’d do one of these personal post questions, one I haven’t done for YEARS. I came across an old one from years ago I posted and when I read it I thought, wow, remember the days when blogs were truly web logs like public diaries. Before all the social media networks (particularly IG) and we weren’t so rushed to consume or not over consumed with content. So for today, here’s a little glimpse of what I’m doing, thinking, and thank you for slowing down with me into the weekend.

Outside my window…it’s night time as I write this, 11 pm currently so it’s dark out. Hubby is already in bed. I’m on the couch in the living room with my mom.

I am thinking…about lots of people in my life, and business things, and wondering how busy or un-busy I will be when we return to 115 degree Phoenix.

I am thankful for… this past week with my parents. We rail biked on the Skunk Train rails (must-do in Fort Bragg) and rode the skunk train, visited Glass Beach (oh yeah I have amazing pics to share) and though I am exhausted, I sure am happy. My dad did an amazing job planning this trip!

From the kitchen…We cleared it out before we left, tossed expired food so when we get back I’ll order some basics via Amazon Prime Now. Just a few survival things.

I am wearing…a white linen button up from Lilly Pulitzer (my staple – also saw an identical one at H&M I almost bought a back up – sold out online but saw it in stores) and ripped skinnies.

I am creating…ideas on how to restructure which currently is my photography portfolio but I want it to showcase more of who I am. This also makes me question all the things I am but questioning what I want to truly focus on and take my career.

I am going…to crash happily in bed in about 10 minutes after I schedule this post *wink*

I am reading…a few books on Kindle I downloaded which are business books and just reading the highlights to refresh my memory. I’m still working on completing Power of Christian Contentment which reminds me I will have time this week to continue reading it. I also have some DMs and emails from readers who are waiting advice for their broken engagement after reading my personal post about my broken engagement. I knew God would use this story in my life to help others and I am honored to encourage others.

I am hoping…to schedule my deviated septum surgery in the next few weeks and that I won’t be in pain. I hope this will help me with my fatigue and I can breathe better and feel 100x better!

Look at my scan of how bad it is –

I am hearing…the humming of the refrigerator.

Around the house…I’m not in my house, I’m at my parents so there is a lot of furniture, collectibles (that’s what we’ll call it) and antiques.

One of my favorite things…writing. I need more time to pour my heart out and share. It all takes time to think of the words in my brain and write it down. I always think of Bird by Bird which I think I need to reread for the third time.

A few plans for the rest of the week…we return to Phoenix but not before stopping into the Japanese $1.50 store Daiso before we head to the airport. We’ll get back in town, do laundry, order groceries and get right back into work I’m sure. I have blocked off a few days next week to ease into life. I think I’ll handle house duties, book myself a massage and coast. No pending jobs await which I’m glad and I’m also not worried about it either.

A picture to share…a preview of what’s to come next week – Glass Beach.

glass beach in Fort Bragg California taken July 2019Popover: Lilly Pulitzer / Leggings: Lilly Pulitzer

Diana Elizabeth is an author, photographer, and obsessive thrift shopper. You can typically find her in the garden wrist deep in dirt, at a local estate sale or planning her next epic party. She continues to blog weekly.


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