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For Today

he best thing about jet lag is I’m a morning person for a few days, at least a week. I was nearly falling asleep last night around 8 pm around dinner. Benjamin’s like, you need to go to bed. So I happily did and then my body woke me up at 5:30 am and I was ready to get started with today! I have been very little focused on work since I got home Sunday night in Phoenix.

It felt like we had to sort though food and some supplies because when I asked Benjamin to get us some meat, knowing that he would forget that, he said he did. I come home and we have about 42 hot dog links – beef of course since I’m intolerant now to pork. Great. Do we have an equal amount of buns? Of course not, but I don’t plan on eating them anyway unless it’s a last resort, as much as I adore hot dogs.

winter rainy garden harvest in metal basket. lifestyle blogger Diana Elizabeth blog

How are you doing? If you don’t feel like you have every comfort supply of whatever it is, at home, don’t worry. This temporary (and hopefully short) change will change us, it’ll push us a little out of our comfort zone of freedom, the lack of supplies and ability to live without them will allow us to rethink thoughtless purchases and excess and make us a little uncomfortable. I feel as though the Lord really prepared me before we left to Taiwan 3 weeks ago – with the purchase of a few things, my heart, my discomfort of being in another country, and now I’m back and feeling mentally prepared. Let’s talk and catch up!

Outside my window… It is 6 am, and it’s still black out. I think I hear a plane taking off because I doubt it’s traffic right now. I’m showered, my hair’s still wet and I’m all dressed. Makeup and hair is next after I hit publish!

I am thinking… about how I absolutely have to get dressed and do my makeup. Hair will always be optional. Doing so really makes me feel more awake and in a different mindset of productivity. You’d think working from home all these years I’d know this, but truthfully my routine, though short, is still annoying to me that I sometimes skip it. I don’t think it’s necessary to wear makeup all the time but I’m aware on how wearing it makes me feel ready for the day. So, using product (unnecessarily but necessary) it is!

I am thankful for… the time I spent with my parents in Taiwan. It flew by, I didn’t think it would and I was absolutely ready to be home the last week, as were my parents. But we had fun and we did so much my mind is still taking it on and the memories are fuzzy – I need to look back at photos and videos I took and make an album. I sometimes feel guilty that I don’t remember ever single detail of an event or day but then I think – that’s why we LIVE in the moment, right? That’s what life is about, not living in the moment after.

From the kitchen… We have enough food, and our fridge looks like it often should because we never seem to have food to eat. We have more produce than usual which I’m glad for, my fridge labels are in place and have really helped with organization and we cleared out expired food. Why does that always feel so good!?

I am wearing… You would love the cardigan I’m wearing by Odd Molly. I’m in size medium and I usually wear a size small. I love a little oversized but it fits perfectly at the shoulder. When I opened it (I bought it new off Poshmark for about the same price it’s currently on sale since it’s back on the site. I often collaborate with the brand), Benjamin whispered, “My grandma would’ve loved this.” LOL. Whatever, Grandma was fashionable for sure.

oh wow cardigan odd Molly
oh wow cardigan odd Molly

I am creating… I am actually not in a creative mindset right now except gardening perhaps. I need to get back to content creation but I’ve been taking this week back to do personal things and giving myself permission to do so. I have a list of projects I want and need to create and can’t wait to do, but I will start on Saturday when weather is a bit more sunnier and I have the next few days to remind myself what exactly I need to do. :) I hope you will pop back soon and check it out!

I am going… to start the Obagi Medical NuDerm system again! I did it over 10 years ago and I was obsessed with the results. It evened out my skin tone and freckles and I looked like a new person. I have been wanting to do it again and talked about it for six months but after Taiwan and seeing everyone’s flawless skin and really feeling like I had the worst I was like ok, I’m investing and getting it. It’s a 6-step skincare system and you have to see the before and after photos. I have bad Melasma on my forehead and I can’t wait to see it get lighter. My issues I have with my skin are different 10 years later so we’ll see how it goes, but if you check out the before and after photos on Obagi’s site it’s pretty amazing.

I’ll document part of it as I go. The cost was $450 and I think that was with a 10% discount, you have to get it from a retailer (listed on the website). I have seen it on websites for 50% off but I am unfamiliar with those websites and if those products are real, so I’d just proceed with caution.

I am reading… It seems like emails at the moment. I came home to a lot of emails I wasn’t able to respond to while gone, it piled up and they weren’t timely emails that needed a response right away but it’s still important that I respond now. I’m down to under 10 emails, that’s good.

I am hoping… for resolve for COVID-19. Hoping we come out stronger, praying for those who have been affected financially. I am staying positive and I have faith, but I have also been on the verge of tears for a week or so from seeing how hard it is for Taiwan business owners and the people, to coming back home and now seeing the changes here. I finally cried the other night when I read a quote because I’m just sad. Not scared, just sad for the world, those touched, untouched, all of us are being affected. But with that said, I send you a huge hug and I say it’s okay to cry and it doesn’t mean you aren’t handling it well, or you aren’t strong, it just means we have empathy and compassion. And let’s remember why we are doing all of this, to protect those who wouldn’t be able to fight off COVID-19, and relieve our hospitals for those who truly need them to recover. We’re all in this together even.

I am hearing… birds are starting to wake up. Time for me to blow dry my hair soon.

Around the house… Excited to tell you I have two outdoor spaces figured out in regards to patio furniture.

The garden area – I bought these two chairs in poppy (which I’m calling rose) and the white table top from Grandin Road –

Indra Bistro Chair Grandin Road
Merano Teak Trestle Table Grandin Road

And this outdoor seating set from Target (except for the coffee table). I am going to admit it’s been ages since I’ve bought anything substantial from Target, aside from groceries or socks. The purchases have been very occasional if they are outside of that because there has been a disconnect with me regarding their quality and pricing. I’ll buy things if I know I won’t keep it long, especially clothing. However, I recently I found Emily Henderson’s blog and found myself on it for an hour and when I saw this patio set and she said it was comfortable, I decided I would take a chance. This is going in the front of our house. While it’s a little modern, I think I can find a way to make it more traditional with pillows and the side tables I will get.

I’m still trying to figure out how to secure it so thieves don’t run off with it when I’m sleeping. Ideas?

One of my favorite things… Cleaning out my closet. I got rid of about 50+ items once I got home. I was missing the urge to do it while in Taiwan and I had left some clothing back there and I realized I needed to purge my closet – things that were piling, older, items I’m not enthusiastic about any longer and I just purged quickly. I had a friend who never buys anything for herself because she’s busy being a single mom and making things happen that I usually text asking her if she can come and get it. I had three bags for her and it makes me happy knowing that it made her happy and my things will get new life of wear, or a first time wear if we’re honest. I’m trying to adjust my buying habits of unwanting the item before I buy it.

A few plans for the rest of the week… Check on the garden, organize the projects I need to work on and am very proud and happy to work on, and get settled back into home life.

A picture to share… the new garden area, currently. I can’t wait for it to be done, but I’m enjoying the process. The star jasmine are now appropriately growing in the direction to starting climbing so imagine them in little V’s now :)

I will continue creating content around home and garden, as this still remains my lifestyle under the conditions. Please don’t think I am trying to be insensitive or ignore what is happening but hoping to bring a little sense of normalcy around here as life resumes but a little modified.

Please come back Monday to the blog to enter to win $50 Visa gift card just for commenting on the blog post. Hope that cheers you up! xx

Main photo by Heather Kinkel.

Diana Elizabeth is now looking at her garden wondering why its taking the lettuce so long to grow when it grew perfect fine when she seed started indoors. Must take longer… speaking of she is dropping off some seed starting trays to a friend of hers who wants to start her garden. 

Diana Elizabeth is an author, photographer, and obsessive thrift shopper. You can typically find her in the garden wrist deep in dirt, at a local estate sale or planning her next epic party. She continues to blog weekly.


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