For the love of quilts


Now that you’ve seen and heard about our heirloom quilt from Benjamin’s great aunts made in 1934, I wanted to talk about quilts! Some of you may have inherited them, others you can buy from a trip made by a local artisan, and others can just be so darling you want to hang it up as decor. Like sewing and knitting, I think quilting has started to become a lost art.

Instead of having quilts folded and in a glass cabinet like we had, why not take it out and display it? Or better yet, as my quilting friends Amber and Kate do – use it!

My friend Amber opened up her little Etsy store and she’s selling quilts for little ones like this:

pineapple-quiltPineapple Quilt by Neon Cactus Studio

Stop it, right? You could use it as a lap blanket on the couch or in the office (like my office), or for a picnic blanket.

I want this British and Irish Isles quilt so bad, I can’t even put it into words – BAD! I would pay the extra $25 for custom details to list the cities Melayne and I visited in Ireland. If you haven’t been, you should go, it’s still one of those trips I know I will talk about for the rest of my life.


British and Irish Isles Quilt by Haptic Lab

The longer I stare at it I might tear up because I want it that badly! Crazy right? I’m just so in love with Ireland, and though I’d love to return to London because I don’t think you can ever over do it, I’d like to explore Northern England, I think I can get Mr. Wonderful on board because Scotland is right there too which I’m sure is equally amazing. I recall seeing the Scottish coastline from Northern Ireland and I was in awe, it just made me want to swim over, because that’s what Europe does to you, you just want to stay and then go here, and then there, and well, stay forever.

If I believed in past lives, I swear I was either an English country girl or a French country girl.

Do you own a quilt? Tell me about it!

Diana Elizabeth is an author, photographer, and obsessive antique shopper. You can typically find her in her garden wrist deep in dirt, at a local estate sale or planning her next epic party.


  • Mailinh

    I don’t have a quilt, but I love this post. Especially when you say, “why not use it?” I completely understand when something is an heirloom and it needs to be preserve. But there are people out there who buy quilts to just frame ’em, and that boggles my mind.

    Love the cozy feel of your new office. Hope you’re having a good week! :)

    • Diana Elizabeth

      Hi M! Quilts are so labor intensive, I guess if you have a lot of sticky, gooey fingers around ;) I think maybe I am in a way framing mine without a frame! I had to put on a calendar when to rotate it so dust doesn’t settle on it. But I think I’m also kind of using it too! :) Just sent you a letter last week! xo!


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