Favorite beauty products under $35

10 Favorite Beauty Products Under $35

I thought I would go through some recent purchases on Amazon and other online stores and share my old and new favorite products with you. Since I’ve discovered these they have become my go-to products that I keep buying and keep using. Hope they become some of yours too! Here are my favorite beauty products under $35 – and half are under $10!

Favorite beauty products under $35

Foot Therapy / Nail Polish / Sun Protective Gloves / Tarte Concealer /
Eyeshadow Primer / Instant Self Tanner / Almay Shadow / Liquid Eyeliner / Urban Decay Shadow Palette Olay Whip SPF 25 Moisturizer 

Kokostar Foot Therapy | $10 on Amazon | Ever since I got an infection from a pedicure, I have been so good at doing my manis and pedis at home. This bootie is filled with 33 botanical essences and you wear it for 90 minutes – just start a movie and chill on the couch. Rinse it off, and within a few days your feet are going to peel like athletes foot. LOL. I actually don’t know what athlete’s foot looks like but your foot is going to peel like you have a disease and it’s going to look awesome. You’ll get in between your toes and the calluses will get soft you can scrape it off in the shower. I do this treatment 2-3 times a year. It looks terrifying but it’s so nice to refresh your feet if you are scared of salons like I am.

Essie Topless & Barefoot Polish $9 on Amazon | My favorite nude polish for life. This is my go-to color that goes with everything, a little blush with some nude without being too pink. If my nails aren’t white, this is usually the color on my nails – I do have colors I need to branch out more but I just love this color so much.

Sun Protective 50+ Fingerless Gloves | $26 on Amazon | How are your hands looking? Because mine are looking hammered with the gardening and all the sunshine here in Phoenix. I wear size XS and these are so lightweight and comfortable, my hands don’t get hot. I leave these in the car console and I have made it a good habit of wearing them every time I drive!

Olay Regenerist Whip SPF 25 Moisturizer | $25 on Amazon | Of course I’m going to throw in this amazing moisturizer that has SPF 25 and is so lightweight. If I don’t wear makeup I will always put on my regenerist. It plumps your skin, minimizes pores and it hydrates in an unreal way! I am obsessed and so are my best friends.

Tarte Shape Tape Concealer | $27 only at Ulta | I was introduced to this by one of my best gfs Brenna while in Vegas I borrowed hers. I heard so much about this concealer but never had a chance to try since it’s only at Ulta. I have been looking for one that doesn’t make you look older by settling into lines and this was so great! When you conceal your under eyes, your makeup looks complete and your eyes pop!

Perfect Body Perfection Gel SPF 30 | $35 on sale at FeelGoodStore.com | This isn’t the usual price but I found it on sale! Instant tanner like makeup, this has SPF 30 and you put it on right after the shower, no lotion so your body can absorb it. I am not that tan like I used to be in my early 20s when tanning was the thing so when I am in a swimsuit or dress where a tan would look better, this instantly does the trick (and I don’t break out in a rash because I’m allergic to self tanners).

Urban Decay naked Basics Eye Shadow Palette | $27 on sale at Macy’s | I got this as a Christmas gift and I love it! All the browns work so well and I am obsessed with how large this palette of eye shadow is. The pigment is great and you can’t go wrong with these browns, they have warm and cool tones.

Almay Shadow Squad in Here Goes Nothing | $7 at Ulta | Almay sent me a bunch fo new colors and I fell in love with this particular shadow palette. I use it as a base and under my brows for a pop and inside the corner of my eyes before layering on my brown shadows.

Too Faced Eye Shadow Primer | $20 at Ulta | I used to love Urban Decay until it dried out my lids and made them look like scales. I was so bummed so went I went to Ulta I asked about a primer that had more moisture. This one has worked so well and lasted forever!

Tarte Sex Kitten Liquid Liner | $20 at Ulta | I got this in one of my subscription boxes and I fell in love!!!!! It’s not only cute with the kitten top but it really glides on smoothly. I also love Gucci’s liquid liner but I ran out and this one is a great one at a good price!

What are some of your favorite beauty products? I love adding more to my beauty drawer, let me know!

Diana Elizabeth is an author, photographer, and obsessive thrift shopper. You can typically find her in the garden wrist deep in dirt, at a local estate sale or planning her next epic party. She continues to blog weekly.


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