raised garden beds in backyard cute blue umbrella, about fall gardening in phoenix arizona

Fall gardening + backyard updates

bunny on side gate in backyard

Bienvenue! Welcome to my garden, I bought this little sign a year or two ago when we had the bunnies, my friend Caroline of Boho Farm and Home had a major home sale and I just kinda went a little wild buying her little charming home knick knacks as she was down sizing.

I hope to take some photos of her place one day to share with you, she has the best touches for home and I am so heavily inspired by her. It’s funny because I think if you looked at me you would think maybe I’m more modern style, but I am quite the cottage, welcome, warm lived-in feel. Speaking of, I’d love to post more about how to make your home feel warmer and less major box retailer store and more curated and inviting, anyone interested in that?

raised garden beds in backyard cute blue umbrella, about fall gardening in phoenix arizona

This was a semi-overcast day. I should have completely wet the sidewalk but I forgot – I only wet the bed. HA-HA.

Did you know most things look better wet anyway? If you watch car commercials they always wet the sidewalks, roads, or even INSIDE OF GARAGES! I see it and I’m always like, why is there a puddle in the underground parking? Come on! I’m not sure how I learned that or where I heard it but you’ll be paying attention now.

seeded in raised garden bedsgarden labels for seeds so I know what I planted

We added 11 bags of mulch to our raised garden beds – and we added seeds! Purple carrot, lettuce, and radish.

brussel sprouts and a baby artichoke

Left the brussel sprouts from spring in there, they survived summer which is amazing! However, I was told by a new friend Jill from Sweet Life Garden who will be taking care of our citrus and roses that they are useless now so it’s time to rip them out and put in new transplants. Okay, I’m not complaining!

I also added some artichoke starters. Below is what the ones that come back look like all summer. Gah so ugly but I have to leave them in so they return. My other ones didn’t do so well with leaving anything good behind so I decide to get new ones. I am waiting for the purple artichokes they are so beautiful and I just love letting them bloom when I have too many!

artichoke stems cut down waiting to grow back - they will come back

Benjamin put the umbrella up for me while I we were working on Saturday. We were working SO hard that the next two days we couldn’t even move. It felt like we pulled every muscle and the back of our hamstrings were aching. It was a work out!

raised garden beds in backyard cute blue umbrella, about fall gardening in phoenix arizonaraised garden beds in backyard cute blue umbrella, about fall gardening in phoenix arizona

Eventually that artichoke in the corner will consume about 1/4 of the bed just watch. I cut back the oregano into a compact bush because it was overtaking the entire box like a weed! Almost like mint! It’s nice to see fresh brown mulch even though it’s stinky and I know it won’t stay that brown for long.

raised garden beds in backyard cute blue umbrella, about fall gardening in phoenix arizona

We have some sad looking basil we never used all summer. Also tomato plants never picked one.

Anyway, I always put basil and tomatoes in this bed – with the mini rose I just added for color. It’s the box furthest south so they can handle the sun. I planted an artichoke in the back corner this time because the weather will be fine now.

raised garden beds in backyard cute blue umbrella, about fall gardening in phoenix arizona

I transplanted these daisies (forgot the name) and of course you always gotta have that one friend who is like a wimp and complaining and can’t adjust and this would be that friend. He was just fine and then I moved him a day later and well, he’s so dramatic. I’m sure some water will help.

In other updates, we added some railing on our second patio, the one attached to my photo studio. We rented our home the other week did I tell you? We belong to a home studio network and have an hourly rate we charge creatives to use the inside and outside, and even photo studio! It’s some great extra money and it pretty much paid for my Saturday gardening.

See the side of this – I need to paint the electrical box and more of the wall, it’s fading. I also bought some wood to make a cover for the sprinkler system that’s under that really real-looking rock you see. I mean I know you wouldn’t guess there was anything out of the ordinary under that totally real looking rock, right??

I hate those rocks. And we still have a dumb pipe in the back because one plumber had to insult the other plumber’s handiwork. Then another guy came and was like, What is this? Isn’t it funny how people do that? I never know who to trust with this stuff. I want to make something like this, but let’s be real, it’ll probably be more like this.

tool shed area

Ok I’m going to make you look closely – see between the tall rose bushes there’s something sticking out? It’s a peach colored bougevvilla. I’m adding a large tree stake that will hopefully hit the roof and allow the bougevvilla to climb. I want it to flourish on top of the studio like you see at resorts or, Greece. Yes, let’s make it like Greece back here.

No, but really just make it an English country because that’s the goal. I’m so glad we painted the wood fence white, looks so different.

By adding the fencing we did to the second patio area, this made it look less like a pass-thru and more of an exclusive little area. Also once we expand this will be the main patio area.

patio gatepatio area

There are sales on outdoor furniture now, for those of us who are entering the best weather ever, like Arizona, Texas and Florida. OK I made those up I only know Arizona. It might be weird we are talking about gardening and you’re like, wait it’s freaking cold out or I have to use a greenhouse.

I would love a greenhouse by the way, but no need for one.

So this patio area, our main patio we are saving up to expand. We are saying up the cash and only time will tell if/when we do it. I think we really do want to do it and have another area to entertain. And yes, older homes in Phoenix the AC units are on the roof. Not sure why.

raised garden beds in backyard cute blue umbrella, about fall gardening in phoenix arizonapatio

So those are the things happening around here – it looks like our poor lemon tree got way lopped off and our pink lemon on the left is really huge!

Soon we will have to shave down our grass – if that hasn’t already been done by the time you read this post to prep to seed for winter rye. It’s usually around Halloween time when people are freaking out with the kids running on their freshly seeded lawn with sprouts so we have to try to be ahead of the game and also beat the birds!

They say you have to buy some bird seed and have it nearby so the birds eat that instead of your grass seed. I say get a pellet gun like we do and sit outside. Just kidding, totally kidding. We have one but we obviously do not shoot it in our front yard. Anyway…

My goal is to wrap up some really big projects, continue visiting with friends and enjoy the weather because even with work you gotta get out there and enjoy life!

raised garden beds in backyard cute blue umbrella, about fall gardening in phoenix arizona

Diana Elizabeth is an author, photographer, and obsessive antique shopper. You can typically find her in her garden wrist deep in dirt, at a local estate sale or planning her next epic party.


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