Flagstaff, Arizona
Backpack: TOMS (c/o) / Shoes: TOMS (c/o)

On our way up to Vegas to see John Mayer’s last show of his first leg (you follow?) of his The Search for Everything tour, Benjamin and I decided to breakup our road trip with a stop in Flagstaff. We already went a few weekends prior to photograph my best friend’s maternity shoot, and we thought, why not break up the drive – a little detour can be fun.

There’s a field once you get out of Phoenix that is bursting with blooming yellow flowers – it was more poppy colored than shown here, but we turned off at an exit and found a little area with an already made path – probably for photoshoots.

Tortoise Sunglasses: TOMS (c/o)

I’m wearing my I ♥ JM shirt I bought at his Battle Studies tour to get psyched for the concert. I brought a few comfy staples for this trip, and after realizing how cold Flagstaff is compared to Phoenix I wanted to be prepared this time. Last time I asked my bf to bring up a jacket for me when she met me for our shoot – I was freezing!

I’m an expert at packing light. This time was a pair of NEW TOMS deconstructed alpargatas – insanely comfortable. TOMS canvas trekker backpack for my cameras, laptop and snacks – and new sunnies because every summer I get a new pair. I love these rose tortoise color. All I wanted to do was be low maintenance on this trip so I could just worry about enjoying the concert!

The next morning on our way to Vegas from Flagstaff, Benjamin wanted to bring me to Mount Humphreys, where the Arizona Snowbowl is. The highest elevation in Arizona at 12,633 feet. And look – a little bit of lingering snow (though there were still skiers up there having a ball!)

I have to admit – vacations really give me a workout. The walking, exploring, it’s how I prefer to get exercise.

Lots of picture taking…

^^ These shoes have tabs on the back so easier to slide on and they have a removable insole, these are the most comfortable TOMS I’ve owned. You may be familiar that TOMS will give a new pair of shoes to a child in need. The bag helps save a life by providing safe birth for a mother and baby in need. When you buy a pair of sunglasses TOMS helps give sight to a person in need. What a great excuse to shop, if you need one *wink*

The day after the concert we drove straight back down to Phoenix and there are two parts I love seeing from the car – the Joshua Tree Forest and the boulders. The boulders are brief but they are so gorgeous along the state highway I wish I could show you a wide angle but it wasn’t safe. We did find a road but we didn’t venture far as we weren’t sure where it went.

Oh, and here I am with my new John Mayer concert gear – my hat. I am totally one of those fans who wears the concert stuff the next day/week/month to continue to immerse myself in my experience. It’s my to relive it and make sure the happy feeling lingers – like listening to ALL of his CDs on the way back down, too.

 Products courtesy of TOMS, no compensation was provided.