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We have the same heartbeat, Ricki and me.  It wouldn’t surprise me if we had the same blood type – our hearts are intertwined with Anthropologie and J. Crew.  Not only do Ricki and I love the same things – clothing, burlap, natural organic goodies, hand crafted goodies (but not overly stenciled scrapbook mom-like).  We squeal and are inspired by the same things.

This might be the reason why when Ricki Uster of la Ricki event design is the brain behind a wedding, engagement session or anything that is in front of my lens, I know it’s going to be aaaaahmazing.  And, a reason why our sessions together end up being featured on popular event and wedding blogs.  She also was the set designer for my promo video that you see featured on the top of my blog.

Take a peek at some of our work together:

– Orange Anthropologie Inspired Wedding featured on Wedding Chicks
Mini Cooper Themed Baby Shower featured on On to Baby
Orange & Green J.Crew & Anthro Wedding
Tropical Inspired Wedding Reception

This good friend of mine is also helping me design my new studio at the new house.  I have the furniture layout pretty much set up however I need Ricki’s eye to help with the functionality while also making it clean and beautiful.  Meet Ricki, the mastermind behind many of my lovely shoots, and if you love my photography style, hire her for your next event to make it lovely.

Of course I have to ask her a few questions!

What made you decide you wanted to be an event designer?
After planning my own wedding!  I did it all myself, with the advice of one of my dear besties, stayed up until wee hours of the night making favors, decorations and the like.  I know what it is like to love so many things and what a challenge it can be to streamline them into a cohesive and beautiful day. It is so important to have someone that understands your passions, wants and “most importants” on your special day.  It helps when that person isn’t part of the wedding party, a family member and can remain impartial and oh so helpful in turning the event into your dream day!

Seeing two people share such a special day and all their guests enjoying the moment, there just isn’t a greater moment to be a part of!  That moment always me to continue to enjoy my work and live a little bit through them.

What trends are you seeing in wedding design this fall and into summer?
An overall trend in weddings whether the season is fall or summer is doing a reinterpretation on weddings.  Bride & Groom are finding the things that are special & unique to them as a couple and expressing that throughout their event.  For example, they may not have their 1st dance at a specific time in between courses and instead their 1st dance is they come down the aisle newly married.  Or instead of a traditional cake, the Groom loves pies and offer an assortment of pies for guests to enjoy.  It truly becomes whatever the couples heart’s desire!

Another trend is the idea of a rustic, vintage or anthro-inspired wedding.  These are expressed with arenas like farms or farmhouses, backyard and barns.  Couples are finding a real love with re-used or re-purposed items to decorate their venues.  With this trend, any color palette or special theme can transfer easily.

What is the trend in regards to shower gifts, bridal or baby showers?  Are they to be opened at a shower anymore?
There is a trend towards not opening gifts during a shower.  Many feel it is more enjoyable to socialize, as well as, do a fun & creative craft project as a way to pass the time together.  Yet it is a delicate change in trend as it is seen as a tradition to open gifts and show one’s appreciation.  So if the shower is more modern and the majority of guests are open-minded then opting out is well-suited.  But if the event is on the more traditional side, opening gifts may have to happen.

Share with me a few things you love.
I live for old and re-purposed pieces-old drawers, birdcages, glass jars, fabrics-all things that have or potential to add character and meaning.  I absolutely love paper and the amazing things that are made from them, especially the items I can create.  The best complement is when I’m asked where did I buy something and my response is “I made it!”  Also, I adore floral arrangements.  I am continually, blissfully impressed by the bouquets and centerpieces I find on blogs-they are stunning.  Flowers, that go with the season and colors of a wedding, make an enormous impact to the eye.  And guess what?  We can even create the bouquets + centerpieces out of paper, vintage broaches, or fabric.  Just a suggestion!

Diana Elizabeth did shoot this lovely portrait session in her backyard.  So nice to have a go-to place!

Diana Elizabeth is an author, photographer, and obsessive thrift shopper. You can typically find her in the garden wrist deep in dirt, at a local estate sale or planning her next epic party. She continues to blog weekly.


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