It’s time to get outside, plug in some lights and entertain! These products from Twist and Seal (c/o) are the perfect compliments to all the outdoor electronics to get you through the seasons safely, protecting electrical cord connections from rain and melting snow. It’s time to get outside!

Outdoor light cord connections

When I was little my mom told me and my brother about the dangers of water and electricity and to use something wood or plastic if someone was being electrocuted. So you can say that chat always comes to mind when I think of water and electronics. These Twist and Seal Mini’s are great for holiday seasons or if you’re like us, and have patio string lights out year round.

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It’s as easy as placing the two connecting plugs inside the Twist and Seal Mini (retails for $4.98 each or 5 pack for $22.99) and snap the sides closed.

Diana-Elizabeth-blog-lifestsyle-twist-and-seal_0012 Diana-Elizabeth-blog-lifestsyle-twist-and-seal_0013

It provides great sealed protection from outdoor elements.

Multiple Cord Connections

The Cord Dome ($32.89) is great for multiple cord connections or bigger connections. You can fit an entire electrical extension strip in here! You just place the connections inside –


Hammer the optional pegs if you want to secure it, and twist the dome cover on top.

Diana-Elizabeth-blog-lifestsyle-twist-and-seal_0004 Diana-Elizabeth-blog-lifestsyle-twist-and-seal_0007 Diana-Elizabeth-blog-lifestsyle-twist-and-seal_0008

All Twist and Seal products are made in the USA and come with a 3 year warranty. You can find these products in many places including Home Depot, Ace, Lowe’s and Amazon.

Also check out the Cord Protect for heavy duty cord extensions (if the Dome is too big), and MAXX for industrial strength – out in April. For more information and more stores, visit Twistandseal.com. Be safe with your outdoor lights!