Enjoying Life – I bought a house!

I’m enjoying life even though it’s nearly 462 degrees in Phoenix.  It’s been a while since I’ve updated you on my personal life so here goes.

I’m closing on a home this week!  I found the perfect, fantabulous home that I’ve been praying for in the neighborhood I’ve been coveting.  I wanted so badly to live in this specific area in Phoenix that I actually drove by multiple times over the past few months to see if anything was available.  I did it so often that I feared the neighbors would call the cops on me for cruising.  There was this one home.  It had a “Coming Soon” sign and I called.  I was waiting for it to hit the market and it did, and the next day I already had an appointment with Kat to see it and it was the first house on the list.  Donzo.  We didn’t even look at the rest we had planned on seeing.  Because, that’s how I roll.  When I know I want something and I’m sold, I don’t need to look any further.  Call it a gut instinct.  And, I’ve never failed.  Knowing this about myself makes me realize that if I don’t like something or I waiver on committing it means my heart and soul is telling me it’s just not right.  This new home of mine, is perfection.

Well, not exactly.  There are a few things I need to change.  I think my home inspector got a kick out of me.  Yes, I’m for real, and yes, I do plan on changing EVERY SINGLE NEW LIGHT AND FAN FIXTURE IN THE HOUSE.  Oh, and replacing the brand new carpet, and repainting the freshly painted walls, and adding in more hardwood floors, and upgrading the bathrooms from the masculine remodel to Anthro style (duh).

My style from my current place will not transfer seamlessly into the new.  I mean, I suppose it could, but why?  I have a blank slate!  This new pad calls for East Coast beach style – minus sailboat paintings, coral or anything that looks sea like.  I’m loving Restoration Hardware, a few hints of Ballard Designs, Williams-Sonoma Home and the Pottery Barn touches.  Less French Country, more East Coast/Southern.  Oh, be still my heart when it comes to the South.

There’s a backyard I can frolic in, if I knew how to frolic.  Maybe I can do cartwheels in it instead.  Come to think of it, there’s a backyard and front yard I now need to mow.  Uhhhhhh.  Help?  I have an apple tree, two rose bushes and two grapefruit trees.  Oh and a wood fence.  Don’t forget the darling wood fence that I wanted so badly!

There’s a large laundry room I can decorate, a fireplace and well, it’s just beautiful, large, and it’s mine.

I believe that I’m starting to live out the best years of my life right now.  I believe that the next 20 years of my life will truly be amazing.  Do you ever sit back and realize how far life has taken you?  How your mind has sharpened over the years?  Perhaps how your perspective has changed?  I know I do.

Long gone are the overly dramatic days.  I cut the drama when I sense it, because I don’t have time – I don’t even talk about it.  I’m done with that and I refuse to be involved.  Nothing in life needs to be that dramatic.  Life is complicated because we, people, make it that way.  Certainly there are life’s inconveniences, heartbreak, and disappointments, and there are a million things every day we could complain about.  But in the end, there are a million people who would love to trade you for your life problems, remember that.

No one is in control of your own happiness or stress level but yourself.  You’ve heard me say it once and I’ll say it again, I truly believe stress is an attitude choice.  Choose your attitude.  Every minute of your life can be enjoyed – not by the things you possess, the accomplishments you have, or the things you buy, but the attitude you have.  No one can take that away from you.  I believe in creating humor out of typical boring scenarios.  I believe in creating laughter when there isn’t any, being sarcastic (but never in a mean way), and forgiving and forgetting because life is all about learning.

I also believe in the power of a simple knob from Anthropologie that will change the entire decor of my home and make my heart do cartwheels. *wink*

Diana Elizabeth has already started buying things for her new home.  She has bags in the living room.  Ridiculous, no?

Diana Elizabeth is an author, photographer, and obsessive thrift shopper. You can typically find her in the garden wrist deep in dirt, at a local estate sale or planning her next epic party. She continues to blog weekly.

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  • sherly

    i love this post, diana! i can totally imagine your new home – it’s sounds so beautiful! i can’t wait for you to share photos once you’re ready! your faith and perspective on life is always so encouraging! xoxo!


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