Home: Things I brought home and an Amazon Return bin store!

At my parents favorite Chinese Restaurant in Folsom we went 3x when I was home haha!

I went home to Nor Cal to see my parents for the week and came back the other night only to head to get my hair done the next morning. It’s back to the grind back home now that I’m back in Phoenix and I’m not loving it but I guess that is what happens when you are gone for a week from regular life.

I did a whole lot of nothing, but saw two longtime friends for dinner, shopped with my parents, watched a lot of movies and binged a series “The Larkins” on Amazon Prime (highly recommend).

I also took things from my parents house (with their permission) and I have a lot of jumbled fun things to share so let’s jump into it!

Falling Prices

Every item in the store is the same price, and that price falls every day until everything sells.

Where Amazon returns are sold 

I read almost 40% of online shopping is returned. Well, here is one of the stores they go to – Falling Prices in Northern California. 

They also have Target and Walmart items and random things, new, overstock, returned, some are one offs and others are multiple items.

  • Tuesday – Everything $6
  • Wednesday – (Same stuff) Everything $4
  • Thursday – Everything $2
  • Friday – Everything $1
  • Saturday – Everything .25 CENTS!!!!!
  • Closed Sunday and Monday for restock and starts over again!
If you are in Phoenix we have similar I just found out from online friends and they are saved on my Instagram highlights (find me @dianaelizabeth_) under “Bargain Bins” so you can check that out!


Downtime meant watching some movies and relaxing which I really enjoy! We liked Mr. Church and A Man Called Otto, they are sad but also feel good movies.

As for The Whale and Everything Everywhere All At Once, don’t waste your time. Yawn.

Here is an overview of what I brought home. My parents have so many great things they would have the best estate sale. Anyway I found some room in my home for these items!


Then we went through some family photos. I would point at a photo and ask them to tell me a story about it.

I look like I’m from the early 1900s hahaha!! Just 1980s. My dad is a giveaway with his hair and shirt he’s in the 80s. I think me and my mom could look like we are ancient times.

Anyway if you have an Asian baby and need to take a photo, definitely put them in a cute Chinese vest.

Benjamin said, “I think I had the same haircut.” haha!

Just some more treasures I found. I love these green dragon plates! My mom said she got them from an estate sale. It had belonged to someone’s grandmother. Makes me sad the got rid of them but again we cannot keep everything our relatives owned. They are to be enjoyed during our lifetime or their lifetime and give to someone else to enjoy. I have to remind myself they are just things.

But I do want to bring some of these plates home and hang them on a wall, just need a wall…

And then I come home and my calendar is full with social activities and I feel this – 

Anyone else? haha! I recharge as an introvert so I need to reset but I guess my vacation back home was my reset time and it’s back to the grind!

Diana Elizabeth is an author, photographer, and obsessive thrift shopper. You can typically find her in the garden wrist deep in dirt, at a local estate sale or planning her next epic party. She continues to blog weekly.


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