5 tips for efficient new year

5 things to try in the New Year

 5 tips for efficient new year

Keep track of your budget

  • Everydollar.com is a site and has an App! It’s also free and by the Dave Ramsey team. I keep a bookmark on my website and have the app. Remember I don’t budget everything, I wrote a post about the 5 things I monitor and the rest I let it go (because I cannot control car insurance, groceries, gas – I know we spend below our means).  Download it and sign up for it here.I monitor about $2500 a month of expenses – including my business expenses. You can see my budget below – I was a little behind on entering my expenses. And you can set it so your categories move over so the items you don’t spend go to the next month!

Listen to a decorate podcast from Ballard Designs

  • I am loving podcasts lately. I listen to them while I work and I have learned so much – the podcast I love lately is How to Decorate with Ballard Designs. I think it’s every week where they interview a designer and they talk about design trends and to-dos which I have enjoyed tremendously. I just want to talk about home decorating all day!

Organize your workflow and projects

  • Sign up on Trello (it’s free). It’s an online website you log in and it will keep you organized for projects and you can make separate to-do boards and click and drag projects over as you complete them. Here’s a screenshot example of what I’m talking about –
    I believe the “order pleated curtains from RH” will be sitting there for a while given how much they cost. You can also create different boards like for Christmas shopping (which I did) or other businesses.  This one is my blog board but I also put personal stuff on there since I don’t mind seeing it on my to do list. There s also an App that links so you can quickly check in on projects and make lists when the mood strikes. You can add members so they can see the status too or move it along, ask question, make notes and check lists. Sign up here.

Get weekly inspiration in your inbox

  • Sign up for Friday Forward Weekly Inspiration. I forgot how this newsletter landed in my inbox but I’m so glad it did. Every Friday I look forward to this email of inspiration to encourage in life and work. It’s clever and a fun easy read and I really enjoy it and find myself blogging about it or forwarding to friends.

Get a food intolerance and allergy test

  • Pinnertest was a great at-home kit for me to find out my food intolerances. The cost is a few hundred but I tell you it’s worth it – because how much is your health worth? You don’t have to ask for days off because of a migraine, bloating, bathroom tummy issues so you are more productive in your days. See my review here. I liked it so much that we ordered a kit for Benjamin (only his intolerances are NOTHING in comparison to mine I could trade his for mine because he doesn’t have to sacrifice much). You can also get an allergy test at your doctor’s office which helps you know what to stay away from, I did that a few years ago and my back lit up like a Christmas tree, in Benjamin’s words.

Anything you will be using or doing in the new year?

Diana Elizabeth is an author, photographer, and obsessive antique shopper. You can typically find her in her garden wrist deep in dirt, at a local estate sale or planning her next epic party.


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