Disclosure: I tested out Walmart’s Online Grocery service mentioned in this post, and received grocery shopping funds from Walmart in order to do so. The choice to collaborate with brands and options are always my own.

I love living in today’s modern world, what a luxury to be able to order things from a cell phone or computer and have it dropped off, or pick it up – like groceries. You know how I feel about grocery shopping *wink* I’ve been hearing a lot about the Walmart grocery online ordering, from my friends for quite some time and have been curious to try it.

This month I’ve been slammed with work – I’m driving around the valley photographing doctors headshots for the big yearly Top Docs issue, while also touching base with brands I met at the blogging network conference. Time has been limited and I still have to live normal life! I decided to tackle my purchase needs with one online order at Walmart and pick it up at the Scottsdale as I was running my daily errands.

It’s as easy as ordering on walmart.com/grocery, and selecting pickup or delivery. A list of stores will come up closest to your zip code. Pick the date and time frame when you can swing by (it’s OK if you’re late, it’s really a time for them to have your items prepared and expect you).

Walmart groceries are so affordable! I was pretty shocked at how much I got for my buck. They offer 100% money-back freshness guarantee, if you’re concerned about produce freshness. Pick up is free. If they’re out of a product they’ll have a substitute. If you don’t like it, call them and you don’t have to pay for it, like wow talk about good customer service! I also ordered a few beauty supplies to skip another stop.

Pick up instructions are listed when you check out on the site and also via email reminder when your order is ready. Getting your groceries is as easy as driving following the painted signs and arrow on the cement, or heading to the right side of the building that says “grocery pick up,” parking in a spot that looks like this (below), give them a call, and your order comes out! Easy peasy!

They knew it was my first time trying their pick up service they gave me a blue bag full of treats, and cold water! Perfect for mom’s and their little ones who are running errands around town, or non mom like me who is just hungry all the time. *wink* So genius and thoughtful!

Hope this tip adds a little efficiency to your daily life! Now time to show you a delicious breakfast with these fruits coming up next!