Leather Jacket + Felt Hats

asheville-biltmore-north-carolina-0193asheville-biltmore-north-carolina-0192Black Rivet Stitch Shoulder Leather Jacket, Wilsons Leather (c/o) – on super sale! Code: DIANA for $10 off and free shipping for orders over $100
Hat: H&M / Skirt: Banana Republic / Bodysuit: Forever21

It was wonderful to be in North Carolina enjoying the beautiful scenic drives and crisp morning air. North Carolina is one of those states that makes my heart pitter patter at the mention, it’s always been one of my most favorite spots in the country since I explored years ago with my best friend from college on a road trip through the south in the early fall – I do recommend if you’ve never explored the south to hop in a car with a buddy and hit a few states! The drive is so enjoyable you’ll want to pop out and take photos along the way.

To prepare for the weather for the 10 days I’d be gone, I packed brought this wine colored nipped waist leather jacket from Wilsons Leather. I’m in size small. While I usually gravitate towards neutrals I decided a pop of color would be best to compliment my abundantly neutral wardrobe.


As I laid outfits together I realized how it could even go with my pastel pleated skirt – and I could swing it over my shoulders if it was warmer than usual.

We spent a day at Biltmore, I was so glad Benjamin liked it.


After we spent time with family celebrating a wedding, Benjamin went home on a plane and hopped on a train (wish we had Amtrak in Arizona) and I went to visit my girlfriend Geni in Durham.

She knew I’d love Duke Gardens, a garden sized at 55 acres of specialized gardens. We picked up some delicious breakfast – donuts and coffee and headed over to sit down and chit chat in the space. It’s one of those memories I’ll never forget, just time to sit down in a lovely garden and have heart to heart conversations. Geni is expecting her first baby in December!


Geni is also an incredible photographer based in North Carolina, so she was sweet enough to snap a few casual pics of me as we explored.

The leather jacket blended into fall colors! Geni keeps felt hats in the backseat of her car for her shoots so I just grabbed one for the day (I think I need to do this). This jacket is so soft and has zippered cuffs, I love the mandarin collar detail too. It’s the perfect compliment to a fall wardrobe – and these gardens!


Check out out the other coats, and leather jackets from Wilsons Leather, right now they are having a sale and also an additional 50% off! Use Wilsons Leather promo code DIANA for $10 Off $100 and Free Shipping $100 +. Perfect time to add a great piece to your wardrobe or a special gift for the holidays. Happy fall y’all!

 I received compensation and this product courtesy of Wilsons Leather, however all opinions are entirely my own. This post was supported by Shopping Links.

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  • Michelle

    The Biltmore is simply dreamy! Next time I’m down in NC I will have to visit. I love spending the afternoon exploring the gardens of large estates, every time my hubby and I travel that is always one of the to-do’s on the list. Cute outfits as always.


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