Do you need a battery pack?


(1) Canon CP-E4 Compact Battery Pack / (2) Nikon SD-8A Hi-Performance Battery Pack, $159 or (3) SD-9, $199.  Please read compatibility before purchasing.

So here’s the deal with flash – if you are finding that you are firing away and you get one image out of say 4 that is almost pitch black, it means your battery isn’t recycling quickly enough, and/or you should consider not using full-power on your flash.  Try 1/2, 1/4, or 1/8 power instead.

However, even if doing so, say you are still trying to capture say movement, a first dance, a bouquet toss, something where you would use continuos shutter to ensure you capture that moment, you’ll need your flash to recharge quick – to avoid that blacked out shot that would have been your winning shot.

The battery pack holds 8 AA batteries (I found that using disposable batteries keeps it from that piercing ringing sound).  You plug the end to your flash and attach the bulky part to your camera strap to disperse the weight.  I use mine for the entire reception for dances, speeches, bouquet tosses, it’s a must-have for a wedding photographer.

Diana Elizabeth says if you have any other questions on things maybe you should leave a comment so she can think of other future posts to talk about.  Sometimes her mind goes blank on Wednesdays so she’s open to sharing tips or questions on equipment.

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