Most days – and evenings I am carrying a clutch wallet. I find it so freeing to just slide in my iPhone + and attach a wristlet and go. If I need a tote, I just drop it in there. If you’re a hands-free kinda gal and need a wallet on a chain, option #2 is great – it’s a wallet on a chain and you can wrap it around your body.

I like holding my clutch which is an animal print from Madewell (similar). It’s replaced my Louis Vuitton folded wallet I’ve had for over a decade (back then it was $450 which was crazy and now they are $900!). I probably should sell it but I think one day I might return to it. It holds all cards, cash, mini lipgloss, and my phone! I also find it funny that I’m less into flashy brand names – I absolutely appreciate them and find craftsmanship in them but I don’t covet them like I used to. There’s something about – knowing you can but you don’t have to – that makes you just stop caring. You could also say it’s maturity and knowing the value of a dollar, haha.

Here are three of my favorite clutches out there, they come in a few colors and I wanted to show the inside. The first one I want so badly and own their studio tote, the second is a great deal and genuine leather – a good deal! And the third, I own. Just buy a leather wristlet and attach it to the zipper, like this from Etsy.

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