Dining in the Baseball Stadium


We were overdue for a girl’s get together so I picked a time when there was no baseball game at Chase Field to eat at the Friday’s attached to the stadium.  The reason being, so we could have a quiet table to ourselves, and also find plentiful downtown parking.  Downtown Phoenix is very quiet when there are no sporting games going on.


Yeah you recognize that face?  She’s a former Miss Arizona USA.  And I may or may not have taken lots of her photos.

Our waitress was adorable.  As the girls trickled in to join our table, she said, “You keep getting prettier and prettier, how do you all know each other?”  And we admitted it was from pageants – LOOOOONG ago.  Then a memory surfaced between three gals of being at this very same restaurant years ago in 2005, when Brenna won the 2006 title.


Soda cheers to true friendships made from pageant land long ago and making time to catch up!


We like family style ordering – a few appetizers, entrees and dessert to split.  A little bit of everything fantastic at TGIFriday’s – in this particular case, Front Row.


It’s time to pick out a dessert ladies, hope you all saved room.


You mean we get to pick out any of these fantastic looking plates?  Brownie and Oreo madness, yes please!

tgi-fridays-front-row-girlfriends-7 tgi-fridays-front-row-girlfriends-5

No spoon wars!

Then we were introduced to a free App called Perfect365 – you take a photo of your face.  You then select the type of makeup to add to your face!  Since Melayne didn’t have any makeup on, she was the perfect test subject.


Like so.


Oh dear. Maybe you need to pay extra for the really good makeup looks.

Several hours later, after full bellies, laughs, sharing news, our beds called and we had to say goodbye.  We hadn’t been together since early spring in Vegas.


More on our matching necklaces next month!


Diana Elizabeth became hungry by the time she got home and wrote this post – that’s how long they stayed at Friday’s – on a Thursday night.  But she’ll blame it on the atmosphere because in there it’s always Friday.

Diana Elizabeth is an author, photographer, and obsessive thrift shopper. You can typically find her in the garden wrist deep in dirt, at a local estate sale or planning her next epic party. She continues to blog weekly.


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