Diana Diaries: The Holidays

appy Holidays everyone. Unless tuna is on the menu for Thanksgiving, I will not be eating it, and I’ll let myself get squishy and fat because ’tis the season.

the Diana Diaries - childhood diary entries by lifestyle blogger Diana Elizabeth as a young adult or child
the Diana Diaries - childhood diary entries by lifestyle blogger Diana Elizabeth as a young adult or child (actual diary entry)

I took a few days last week to go through my diaries, that time when I was thinking about my self-worth and purpose – and I found a lot of crazy things I wrote. I wrote like I talked, and some of the things I wrote, ones I will absolutely positively share with you soon, were down right hilarious because they were honest and sarcastic.

I also really liked putting a time stamp on my diary so I knew what time I was writing – like if it was late I knew my mouth was just babbling. I was also inspired by Bridget Jones’ Diary, loved the books and the movies.

I’m not sure who writes in a diary the way I do, or maybe we all do – I think some of you need to find your entries and share them with me. I know I never read my entries after I wrote them – and never had intention to do that, but I thought perhaps one day I’d sit and read them as an old lady.

I did however, throw away my newspapers, yearbooks and everything I created in high school, before or after. Not sure why, but it felt great and I felt no attachment. I like to keep my own written words.

But since we’re talking about the holidays in this post, I want to share for the third time on this blog, a cranberry sauce you need to make for the holidays, a recipe by my best friend Michelle.

It consists of just three ingredients – one being cranberries and other being sugar and involves a food processor/blender and you’re done. She calls it the simple cranberry sauce and I’d describe it as a blended cranberry orange tart sauce. Anyone who doesn’t like cranberry sauce will like it, and if you like cranberry sauce, you will LOVE it!

I am now requested to make it and bring it for Thanksgiving.

Cheers to the holidays, whether it’s feeling fat or getting fat, but most of all, being happy and not eating tuna. Yeah.

Diana Elizabeth once gave herself a cavity in six months after a breakup because he wouldn’t allow her to eat certain foods. Yes, she really did say “allow.” She’s pretty sure she’ll share the cavity discovery diary entry once she finds it. It was worth it.

Diana Elizabeth is an author, photographer, and obsessive thrift shopper. You can typically find her in the garden wrist deep in dirt, at a local estate sale or planning her next epic party. She continues to blog weekly.


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