day and night skincare rituals - simple

I thought I would share my simple morning and evening ritual – which is way simple compared to Korean skincare. I think when I was in college my skincare routine took like 30 minutes to get ready for bed and I’m not sure why or how – but I blame it on the contacts I wore. I since got LASIK which rocked my world and I get monthly facials that help tremendously with skin.

Anyway thought I’d share some of my favorite products and what my routine is, you’d probably be surprised I know I am.

Morning ritual

I learned since I’m not really putting anything on my face at night, I have a pretty clean face in the morning and water and a towel is good enough to wipe it clean – at the recommendation of my aesthetician I see monthly.

  1. Wash/wipe face with damp towel and water
  2. Apply eye cream – Olay Ultimate Eye Cream is a favorite and so is this one I use at night
  3. Apply serum, if I feel like it – oh moods.
  4. Apply moisturizer. This one wins the forever award, (lightweight versions here with SPF 25) this is THE moisturizer I will use for the rest of my life after I took the 28 day challenge (this isn’t sponsored though I have worked with Olay in the past).

Then you know SPF/primer (this one rocks) and makeup. If it’s an off day for me I don’t wear makeup. My skin is pretty clear and looking good with my eyebrows microbladed and I have eyelash extensions. I’ll run errands with a clean face and I’m not really worried about it. I call it the blogger off-duty look. It’s like models when you are alway wearing makeup for work you just don’t want to if you don’t have to.

Night time ritual

I use the FOREO Luna 2 which is the Clarisonic competitor. You only need to charge it like once or twice a year I think, which is so up my alley. For face wash I don’t care what it is, so far they all work the same, get the makeup off my face – what is more important to me is what I put on after my face is clean.

  1. Wash hands (a reader commented they did this and I was like wow that’s so true!)
  2. Apply cleanser and use FOREO Luna 2 to get all off my face.
  3. Use exfoliating skin perfector – Glossier just launched this and it’s a liquid exfoliator. You don’t need a toner. A few pumps on the cotton pad and swipe over skin.
  4. My unicorn moisturizer, Olay Regenerist (lightweight version Whip here ).
  5. Eye cream – either the Olay one from day or this one Volition eye gel that is silky.

Extras if I feel like I need to – or just do this twice a week – one or the other, not both. Too intense.

PCA skin retinol night, or Differin Gel (which I used to use when I battled acne as a teen but it also made my skin look so good and I was elated it is now over the counter!) Also the pink thing is the makeup eraser, travel size. I love to travel with mine if I don’t pack my travel size FOREO.

And there you go! What are your favorite products? I used to have so many different ones and I like to simplify it now and I think after all the blogging I’ve done I’ve settled into a good skincare routine – paired with my monthly facials which are SO important for me. I get light chemical peels and extractions and my skin has looked better now than in my mid-20s, more hydrated. Sure the sunspots and wrinkles are around but I don’t mind at the moment, my skin looks so clear and the hydration cuts down on the wrinkles that I probably should have.

Would love to know your rituals are they even easier than mine or more complex? Do tell. xx