Custom Dog Pillow

I know this sounds weird, but I’m not really a pet person, or a dog person, I’m a Paris person.  I like to cuddle and smooch one pup and that’s my little Paris who has been living with my parents since he was one.  I gave him to my parents for a few reasons (1) I barely knew how to raise a dog and I was about to move to LA (2) My dad had just survived terminal lymphoma cancer (God made him a true miracle survivor) and I knew dogs helped calm the soul (3) It made more sense to have him at a home with a nice backyard than a cooped up small LA apartment when I’d be gone.

But I miss him so much, and I can’t take him back.  He’s already 11 years old, so it makes him pretty close to the same age as my dad.  They’re both senior citizens and the best of buddies.


Pottery Barn has personalized dog pillow covers for $35 and you can pick from 9 of the most popular dog breeds and have them add a name at the bottom.  It’s perfect if you miss your pet from distance, as I do, or as a little memorial for your buddy who isn’t around any longer.  I sure wish pups lived longer, don’t you?


And now this is where I make you look at all the cute pictures of my dog.   This will be incredibly uninteresting to you if you do not like Yorkies.


I know, he’s like, the cutest, right?  He’s trained so well (hello, a true Asian mom) and is such a good boy.

And now I’m going to tell you a story of this photo and why Mr. Wonderful doesn’t like it.  We had  just started dating and since I always want to escape the summer heat and retreat to my hometown of Granite Bay, Calif., I went home for a while.  Benjamin decided to visit me and I wanted to walk with Paris to Folsom Lake which is just a mile away from our house.

When I settled on a spot for a photo I made him hold Paris as I set up the tripod and made sure settings and focus was correct.  As I was doing this, a huge monster truck of high school boys drove behind me and saw Benjamin holding this very small, 5 lb. furry dog.  They started howling with laughter because it looked like he had hired me to take a photo of him and his dog.  Thankfully he didn’t really notice but I almost peed my shorts at their assumption.  Once I walked over to him and told him what had just happened, he was comfortable taking this one picture and was ready to go home.


Diana Elizabeth and Mr. Wonderful debated about getting a new Yorkie but they’re not sure if it’s the right time.  They did think about how nice it would be for the birds to stop eating their veggies if they had one.  Hm…

Diana Elizabeth is an author, photographer, and obsessive antique shopper. You can typically find her in her garden wrist deep in dirt, at a local estate sale or planning her next epic party.


  • Mailinh

    Paris is too adorable! And that is too cute that you can get a customized pillow — what a great gift idea, too!

    When the time is right, another cute Yorkie will come to you. ;)

  • Sherly

    Oh yeah, and if you watch HGTV, 6’5 Jonathan from the Property Brothers has not one, but TWO little dogs he takes everywhere, one of them a Yorkie. He says, “the smaller the dog, the bigger the man”, lol.

  • Sherly

    YES, I do wish dogs lived longer lives. Even though Echo is only 1 and a 1/2, I already tear up thinking about him getting older and slowing down – sad!

  • KrystalC

    CUTE! I love Paris, too :) My mom has a yorkie named Simon we love.
    And that story of hubby holding Paris is HILARIOUS!!!!!! Whatever, though…real men love little lap dogs! :P


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