What is this device I’m pointing at and seem pretty excited about? It’s the solution to keeping cool this summer!

By Culer, this DUET portable evaporative cooler (c/o) can be used indoors and outdoors – think patio, in your office, garage, or tailgating at a picnic. It’s low voltage (less than 60 watts) and easy to set up. There is even an optional vehicle power cord so you can plug it into any car, truck, RV or boat with a 12V DC power socket.


This is the DUET model that features two cooling ports. The SOLO model has one and uses 35 watts of energy.

1 – Fill with water (tap is fine), up to a gallon of water.


2 – Plug it in.


3 – Hit the cool button and watch the misting action.


As you can see I legitimately got excited about the misting action when it came out! It’s super lightweight and it’s easy to grip it and move it around, even with water in it.


Cooling time lasts up to 6+ hours with 1 gallon of water.

It’s already in the 80s, so it’s time to get outside and enjoy it as the heat starts to come in! Look at the misting feature on this, in my favorite little spot on our patio. It’s also not very loud and quite pretty to look at. The models are proudly built designed and built in the USA.


I used it this past weekend under our porch while we entertained friends and their little ones, it was a hit – the husband were checking it out seeing how it worked.

I think it’s going to be a good transition into summer! Visit CULER for more cooling products so you can still continue your outdoor activities even if it’s warm outside!