solid oak table traditional anthropologie

Coffee Tables

solid oak table traditional anthropologie

 had a coffee table I loved made by my dad which now resides in Benjamin’s office. It’s one of those natural wood tables that are pricey and trendy, only my dad made it for my mom for an anniversary forever ago! We moved it to the safe zone of Benjamin’s office because it kept tipping over when kiddos were over – not our kids, but our life with kids.

I replaced it with a free coffee table I got from Wayfair as a blogger.  I was part of their blogging program where you get free products every so often and I picked a wicker table, but I had to buy a $100 glass from Pier 1 because it needed a glass top. I didn’t love it, but it worked for the time being and I had other things to focus on around the house. Years passed and I realized I really didn’t like the room much as I continued to upgrade parts of it – reverse pleated custom curtains, new Restoration Hardware curtain rod, custom designer pillows, it really elevated the space – just that darn coffee table didn’t fit in any longer.

Here’s a photo with the old coffee table and the old curtains – and the beige walls which are now painted white.

And now I love this room more because of the new coffee table –

wood coffee table round anthropologie #coffeetable

Soho Home x Anthropologie Harrison Coffee Table

I found this gorgeous Harrison Coffee table on Anthropologie, a collaboration with Soho Home. I just gasped at the beaded detail of this solid oak coffee table. They still make furniture like this?! Gimme!

Benjamin made me agree that we are set with the furniture we have for 7 years at least. I think he means anything new I bring in this year…*shrug* I can agree to this because I am also trying to be intentional with the pieces I own even if they are pricier. I want to own them for a long time now. The things I had before fit within my budget and style, but now I’ve been waiting patiently for the right piece, even living with pieces I dislike, until I can find the right pieces.

Other things around can be changed of course as my style and trends change, but I believe some pieces like a cabinet, a chair, dining room table might last longer than you’d think if you buy right.

I rounded up some coffee table ideas I liked on the web. I leave off prices on my blog if you notice (unless it’s a steal) and here’s why – I want you to look at the product, whether it’s clothing or furniture and gravitate towards what you instinctively love first. Then see the price. Too often we are looking at prices and settling and though that is great for when we are in a budget state of mind, I believe that if we find pieces we genuinely LOVE first and we save up for it, even living with an empty space or the eye sore for a while to get that ONE PIECE WE LOVE, it’s worth it. It ends up costing the same and avoids replacing it later.

And so, here are some coffee tables that caught my eye and hope they catch yours too if you are looking for a new coffee table option.

Diana Elizabeth was gardening outside, the hose connection was not good and water shot out directly into the outdoor outlet that had no cover (WHY!?) and something short circuited and the garage door couldn’t close. It was just another day in the life of home improvement. Another reason they are glad the townhome is selling because one house is enough to manage. 

Diana Elizabeth is an author, photographer, and obsessive thrift shopper. You can typically find her in the garden wrist deep in dirt, at a local estate sale or planning her next epic party. She continues to blog weekly.


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