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I can’t count the years now, but I wish to say this is my fifth or sixth year in the NAPA Auto Parts Classics Calendar.  Every year or two, New York photographer Dan Lyons comes out to the Phoenix area to photograph classic cars, write and review them as well.  It’s been a great friendship we have over the years so I was happy to be asked to return.

Last time the weather was terribly rainy and cold I would wear my puffer jacket and throw it in the car while we shot for a few minutes.


The drill is that ahead of time I know all of the car colors (or most anyway), and just bring all of my suitable dresses and jumpers.  I try not to do the top and bottom thing with a skirt and top as that complicates thing since my dressing room is actually my SUV on the side of the road.


I put up a sunshade in the front, hang the dresses on the side for additional blocking and my windows are tinted.

I throw all shoes in a basket and in the car.  After all these years I have it down.

The Denim & Supply Ralph Lauren tank dress was just what I wore driving to the location.


Some of these dresses I wore for the last time, a way I feel like I actually wore them even if it was just a second time ever.  I let my dear mother-in-law take her pick of some of the dresses that would fit her to take home.  The rest, Glam Garage Sale.

I need a bigger SUV by the way, my current one is what they call a cross-over, I guess that means mini SUV?  I want a bigger car not because I plan on shuttling people (or babies) around, but because I need something bigger for all my nursery and Craigslist purchases!


In the current 2015 calendar I’m in there two months of the year – some might still have the calendar.


A few Classic Calendar inspired dresses:

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