Celebrating two births over food

Top: Anthropologie (no longer online, but on sale in stores!) / Silk pants: Otte / Shoes: Steve Madden (no longer available, similar) / Purse: Chanel


Last night, Mr. Wonderful and I celebrated two births, one being one of my best girlfriends, Meagan’s birth(day), and the birth of her latest #3 bouncing baby boy, Ardon.


She just gave birth to Ardon less than a week ago, seriously, 6 days prior, and already, she was game to meet up with us!  We decided TGIFriday’s unique Front Row location in downtown Phoenix (attached to the Diamondbacks Ballpark) would be middle point of where we both live, PLUS, they just introduced their new menu – handcrafted from the kitchen and clean food labels!  This means, fresh, guilt-free food, things you would cook in your kitchen, only you don’t have to clean up the mess.

Going up?


Phoenicians, Front Row is every day from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. if you were wondering, not just during Diamondbacks ball games.


I had been going on and on about TGIFriday’s new menu I had tasted in Dallas for the blogging kick off event and Meagan was dying to give it a try.  Appetizers have clean labels, main plates feature handcrafted items like steak and lobster, really my mouth has been watering since I left Texas.

Really, their new menu is quite impressive.


Yes, bring your friends.  Especially your cute ones who just had a third baby a week ago.

Time to open prezzies, bestie.


The pillow was a nursery Ardon gift/relax your back while nursing at 3 a.m. pillow I made.  She was doing a Hungry Caterpillar theme and when I found this fabric at SAS Fabrics, I had to buy it and make something for little Ardon’s nursery.  The case is also removable, and I made the pillow including stuffing it, OK that’s enough bragging.


Meagan loves butterflies, kinda like how I love bunnies.  She’s so cute I can hardly stand it.


She’s my kindred spirit and has been for so many, many years.

Time to order.  Strawberry Passion Tea for me.


Appetizers! Everyone went nuts over the fried green beans, yummm!  Potato skins of course, hot wings, meatballs,…


Bacon mac and cheese ball bites.  Ah-maze-ing.  And the Thai Pork Soft Tacos I couldn’t wait to put in my mouth again.  GET IN MY BELLY!


We asked for the windows to go up.  We also enjoyed the ballpark view.


Onto dinner.  Salmon and lobster for Mr. Wonderful.


Steak for me – of course, Nor Cal girls eat steak!  And we like ’em medium rare!  I ordered extra lobster on the side too!


New York Cheddar & Bacon Burger for the birth (literally) day girl.  See what I did there?


Sirloin for Andrew.  He was checking that his steak was perfect.  Andrew also said he was very impressed and even tried to be critical of the new menu only to find he absolutely loved everything he tried (and we ordered a TON of food).  He was a huge fan!

For those of you who are obsessed with the Jack Daniel’s meat, here you go.  It’s still there!

You gotta have dessert, the Oreo Madness is just the perfect birthday cake, isn’t it?

It was getting late. The sun said goodnight and lights were pointed on the grass to make it grow, even during the day time! Crazy right?


Happy birthday MK and Ardon!  Ardon, your first outing was with Auntie Di!  And thanks Aunt Julie for watching the two other little ones so we could do another DD.


 Food, friends, and fellowship at Front Row – just how I like it. Have a sweet weekend everyone, TGIF!

Diana Elizabeth had only coffee that morning and a small cherry scone – she was waiting for later that night to eat everything in sight!

Diana Elizabeth is an author, photographer, and obsessive antique shopper. You can typically find her in her garden wrist deep in dirt, at a local estate sale or planning her next epic party.


  • krystal

    Yes you do look delicious, so tell B to start telling you that (though I’m positive he does in other ways and words). The one MAC product I have is a red lipstick and that was handed down to me from Kelly, haha! I don’t wear that true red often, but I do wear reddish/coral a lot. I think you can DEFINITELY pull it off…with the floral shirt or not. And your eyes look wonderful, too. I saw you mention you did something different. Of course, how you naturally look is lovely, too, but I really like your makeup here!

    • Diana Elizabeth

      You are so sweet Krystal! Maybe I should do a makeup video. I guess I didn’t pay much attention to how I did my eyes differently, so funny, but you gals sure know me pretty well to notice :) I used a different foundation too, this one has more coverage.

  • Marty Walden

    Wonderful post as always! Just looking at TGI Fridays food makes me hungry! We’re planning on celebrating my husband’s birthday Sunday and I know he wants a steak! Love the Oreo Madness the best, though!

    • Diana Elizabeth

      Hi Marty! Oh your husband is going to sure have a great BD dinner on Sunday! How fabulous, I look forward to that post and seeing more food ;) Now that I think about it, I want that creamsicle drink…yum!

  • Jennifer Shu

    Meagan since you read Diana blog too I want to leave you a message here. You look amazing! Congrats on the new baby boy. Time flies!

    Di you did something different with your eye make upright? I love it. Very mysterious. ;)

    • Diana Elizabeth

      Hi Jen! Yes, kinda :) I started smoking it more with the way Michael Franco taught me. I’ll have to show you sometime. I also used liquid eyeliner on the top, and maybe my brows and lipstick has something to do with it ;)

  • Mk

    Perfect first night out, friend! Glad Ardon woke for a moment to meet you :) Thank you for your amazing company, thoughtful gifts & delicious dinner! TGIF, I’m putting you back on the dinner list! O yes, your lipstick statement on your pretty face was a grand slam! Love you my kindred spirit!

    • Diana Elizabeth

      We had such a wonderful time MK! Benjamin kept saying how much fun he had. Leftover lunch today is Friday’s! We’ll go back again :) Love you!!

  • pattie

    that is so fun! Wish we had one like those near us. Happy pushing to your friend!

    • Diana Elizabeth

      Hi Pattie! I sure thought of all you ladies and our Dallas time last night! I wonder how many Front Rows there are, I’ll have to ask ;) xoxo!

  • krystal

    Diana, you look delicious! I truly love the red lip on you! Your friend glows and you look sensational, Di!

    • Diana Elizabeth

      Krystal, I’ve never been called delicious, lol! I love it! :) The color is from MAC, thank you! Red is a bit daring for me but I thought my shirt said I could pull it off!

  • Mailinh

    Diana–You look lovely! :)


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