Cara and Chad Grayhawk Wedding


My tongue slipped and I called them “Chara” while we were shooting portraits, a blend, like Brangelina or Kimye.  A power couple name works well since Chad and Cara are such a duo, so perfectly matched in every way.  They love the same things, laugh at the same things, and their personalities are so incredibly laid back and kind.

Being able to capture this wedding was very meaningful to me, having known Chad since my sophomore year of college.  It’s an honor to not only witness a long time friend find his other half, but to spend 8 hours during one of the most important days of their life capturing it.

This wedding was full of personality and Jewish traditions (Ketubah signing, breaking of the glass and Hora dance) as you’ll see – from the adventurously fun couple, to their very outgoing entertaining friends, the entire day was full of laughter and a great time.  The best was a surprise impromptu song from the groom and his buddies, Top Gun anyone?  I don’t think I’ve laughed so much behind the lens during a wedding.

Big thanks to Ali and Jessica of Some Like It Classic for making the day go so smoothly, Justin of SKM Entertainment for an entertaining reception, and as always, a pleasure working with Serendipity Cinemas.

Chara, love you guys, congratulations!

grayhawk-golf-club-wedding-arizona-photographer-chad-cara-dankberg-002 grayhawk-golf-club-wedding-arizona-photographer-chad-cara-dankberg-062 grayhawk-golf-club-wedding-arizona-photographer-chad-cara-dankberg-004 grayhawk-golf-club-wedding-arizona-photographer-chad-cara-dankberg-005 grayhawk-golf-club-wedding-arizona-photographer-chad-cara-dankberg-006 grayhawk-golf-club-wedding-arizona-photographer-chad-cara-dankberg-007 grayhawk-golf-club-wedding-arizona-photographer-chad-cara-dankberg-009 grayhawk-golf-club-wedding-arizona-photographer-chad-cara-dankberg-011 grayhawk-golf-club-wedding-arizona-photographer-chad-cara-dankberg-012 grayhawk-golf-club-wedding-arizona-photographer-chad-cara-dankberg-013 grayhawk-golf-club-wedding-arizona-photographer-chad-cara-dankberg-014 grayhawk-golf-club-wedding-arizona-photographer-chad-cara-dankberg-015 grayhawk-golf-club-wedding-arizona-photographer-chad-cara-dankberg-016 grayhawk-golf-club-wedding-arizona-photographer-chad-cara-dankberg-017 grayhawk-golf-club-wedding-arizona-photographer-chad-cara-dankberg-020grayhawk-golf-club-wedding-arizona-photographer-chad-cara-dankberg-019grayhawk-golf-club-wedding-arizona-photographer-chad-cara-dankberg-021grayhawk-golf-club-wedding-arizona-photographer-chad-cara-dankberg-022grayhawk-golf-club-wedding-arizona-photographer-chad-cara-dankberg-023grayhawk-golf-club-wedding-arizona-photographer-chad-cara-dankberg-030grayhawk-golf-club-wedding-arizona-photographer-chad-cara-dankberg-026grayhawk-golf-club-wedding-arizona-photographer-chad-cara-dankberg-029grayhawk-golf-club-wedding-arizona-photographer-chad-cara-dankberg-028grayhawk-golf-club-wedding-arizona-photographer-chad-cara-dankberg-040grayhawk-golf-club-wedding-arizona-photographer-chad-cara-dankberg-033grayhawk-golf-club-wedding-arizona-photographer-chad-cara-dankberg-034grayhawk-golf-club-wedding-arizona-photographer-chad-cara-dankberg-036grayhawk-golf-club-wedding-arizona-photographer-chad-cara-dankberg-038grayhawk-golf-club-wedding-arizona-photographer-chad-cara-dankberg-037grayhawk-golf-club-wedding-arizona-photographer-chad-cara-dankberg-039grayhawk-golf-club-wedding-arizona-photographer-chad-cara-dankberg-041grayhawk-golf-club-wedding-arizona-photographer-chad-cara-dankberg-042grayhawk-golf-club-wedding-arizona-photographer-chad-cara-dankberg-043grayhawk-golf-club-wedding-arizona-photographer-chad-cara-dankberg-045grayhawk-golf-club-wedding-arizona-photographer-chad-cara-dankberg-046grayhawk-golf-club-wedding-arizona-photographer-chad-cara-dankberg-047grayhawk-golf-club-wedding-arizona-photographer-chad-cara-dankberg-049grayhawk-golf-club-wedding-arizona-photographer-chad-cara-dankberg-050grayhawk-golf-club-wedding-arizona-photographer-chad-cara-dankberg-052grayhawk-golf-club-wedding-arizona-photographer-chad-cara-dankberg-055grayhawk-golf-club-wedding-arizona-photographer-chad-cara-dankberg-056grayhawk-golf-club-wedding-arizona-photographer-chad-cara-dankberg-057

“You’ve lost that lovin’ feelin'” was probably one of the funniest things to see all the guys get into it. I was just told by the groom he sent a text out to his friends that morning for them to participate.  Love those surprises!

grayhawk-golf-club-wedding-arizona-photographer-chad-cara-dankberg-059 grayhawk-golf-club-wedding-arizona-photographer-chad-cara-dankberg-058 grayhawk-golf-club-wedding-arizona-photographer-chad-cara-dankberg-060grayhawk-golf-club-wedding-arizona-photographer-chad-cara-dankberg-054

What a fun celebration!  Mazel Tov!

Venue: Grayhawk / Event Coordinator: Some Like It Classic / Makeup: Lauren Snow / Hair: Spencer Lebowitz / Bride’s dress: Casablanca / Veil: Lillian Lottie / Bride’s Jewelry: Nadri / Cinematography: Serendipity Cinemas / Cake: Let Them Eat Cake / Florals: Flowers by Jodi / Officiate: Irving Hysom / Entertainment: SKM Entertainment / Stationery: Wedding Paper Divas / Second shooter: Amy Gallagher

Equipment used: Canon 5D Mark III + battery grip / 50mm f/1.2L / 35mm f/1.4L / 85 f/1.4EX / 100mm f/2.8EF / 70-200mm f/2.8EF / Speedlight 580 EXII + 480 EXII / Radio Popper JrX System + RP Cube / Gary Fong Lightsphere Universal Cloud / UNDFIND One Bag + Bloom Theory Strap / Hufa Lens Cap Clip + Think Tank Pixel Pocket Rocket / Lowe Pro Roller x100

Diana Elizabeth says another wedding stays up for the rest of the week, see you on Monday!

Diana Elizabeth is an author, photographer, and obsessive antique shopper. You can typically find her in the garden wrist deep in dirt, at a local estate sale or planning her next epic party. She continues to blog weekly.


  • Regan Carter

    So beautiful!! Ahh that dreamy light all throughout the day! What a fun yet sweet sweet wedding! You did yet another fabulous job capturing the day!! :)

    • Diana Elizabeth

      Thanks Regan! Of course I shot at a golf course but found a way to avoid it – bringing my couple in washes or off to the side in the desert :) I just followed the light which is always the most fun part of our job :) XO!

  • Jaclyn H.

    Beautiful Shots Di!! I love your eye! Hugs

  • krystal

    Such pretty photos!!!
    And I LOVE that first ring shot!

    • Diana Elizabeth

      Thanks Krystal! It was funny – I put the rings on there and took a few shots. Then within 30 seconds, the plant gave out and was like “nope, too heavy” so I had to have my 2nd shooter hold the stem for a few more :)

  • Cara

    Diana!! Your photos are stunning! You just made my day with this post! It was the perfect day, so much fun to relive! We are so happy you agreed to shoot our wedding, we wouldn’t have wanted anyone else there. Thank you for capturing our big day and making us look good ;-) I can’t want to get the disc and album!! XOXO


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