Bunny transition continued

In case you missed the last post about our buns being separated, here’s an update.  I finally moved Liberty out of the dining room for several reasons (because a pet does not belong where you eat!) and especially after I saw this:

photo1 (2)

GAH!!!  My Pottery Barn jute rug!  Good thing this is in the back against the wall. Look at those bites.

So we moved her below her sister.  The smaller bun gets the bigger space, but we also let her run because she’s potty trained (they both are but London is a crazy to get back in her cage so she has to be OK with just going outside).


Oh, what’s this?  Look at this little stinker sticking her head through:


And then look what I found one night:

My OTHER Pottery Barn rug!  I could really strangle her.  But she’s so cute that I can’t.

Liberty must have a thing for PB rugs.


Whatcha doing Liberty? Oh, just laying here licking the rug.  We are still on a hunt for a double condo cage but can’t find one that will fit in our laundry room.  We may have to do custom.  Oh, Dennis the handyman to the rescue!

Diana Elizabeth says bunnies are not pets for everyone.  They in fact very bit munchers and they like to chew on anything and everything because their teeth grow two inches every year and they have to keep them down by chewing on things.

Diana Elizabeth is an author, photographer, and obsessive thrift shopper. You can typically find her in the garden wrist deep in dirt, at a local estate sale or planning her next creative themed party. She continues to blog weekly.


  • Mrs. Smith

    Your bunnies are adorable! I had a few when I was in high school. The breeder we bought them from told us to keep a block of wood (we just used scrap pieces of 2×4) in their pens and bunny run areas for them to chomp on. It definitely helped satisfy most of their chew cravings. Of course they still chewed on the occasional rug or whatever was within their reach, but not as much as when they didn’t have the blocks. Looks like yours are livin’ the good life! :)

    • Diana Elizabeth

      Hi Mrs. Smith! Thanks for your comment and what a great tip! I’m sure I have boards of wood around our shed from projects, that’s a fantastic idea! I guess they are living the life, that makes one of us with this current living situation ;) Thanks for reading and commenting! xx

  • Mailinh

    Awww…come on London! I was totally hoping for a reunion….


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