Diana Elizabeth lifestyle blogger wearing blush club Monaco jumpsuit

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Diana Elizabeth lifestyle blogger wearing blush club Monaco jumpsuitJumpsuit: Club Monaco – wearing size 2 / Sandals: Spendid / Cuff: J.Crew, old

I was just going to make this an outfit post but I am needing some time to just talk. Boy is my mind exhausted but I’m happy. I had a lot of random emotions this past week, one being just plain crazy from having too much espresso. My goodness I had never felt that in my entire life and now I know – only one a day! Has anyone else experienced the over caffeinated anxiety? Wowza that was a total emotional trip you guys. I was afraid of myself haha!

I get text messages to my computer so I’m pretty in touch with my friends when I’m working – if you don’t hear from me it means I’m really disconnected doing who knows what! I text my girlfriend Jennifer almost every other day like throughout the day. She also works from home.

I told her I just needed a day to not do anything. I needed a staycation. And just like that she books one for us and I’m just going to starfish it on my bed, sleep, watch TV, be in sweats, order room service and have a metal health weekend. Thank God for great girlfriends.

blush club monaco jumpsuit

This week I had a huge day – it was three hours of actual shooting several campaigns in two locations with hours of pre-planning. I mean probably at least 15 hours of just mental planing for outfits and materials and content. I had lashes done, makeup and hair at the house, photographer on board, house location (friend’s house) and then another location (same friend’s other house) and she took my photos for me.

I came home and felt so blessed I could cry. I also got a great email from a brand that I’ve been a huge fan of for over a decade. You have all heard of this brand and I don’t want to say anything yet but can I say that when you follow you passions, surround yourself with people who encourage you to create, you will flourish and continue to do what you love.

Even if it means being up until 1 am in the dark editing photos from the day. There’s nothing else in this world I’d rather be doing than blogging – maybe traveling but even then I’d be blogging about it.

Of course you can love your work and also still need a little bit of a break. I find when I take breaks I’m more creative it’s like I can store them up and get my energy back. I’m really excited for this weekend to just unplug. But I will bring my laptop because there’s that big project I have to work on (the one I’m excited to reveal soon). God is good, remember he has set you apart, he has given you desires in your heart and talent for a reason. Don’t ever suppress those talents, feelings or creativity, you keep doing what you love and the perfect opportunity with work will lead you to the next and you just keep evolving, as a person and as a creative.

So about this outfit, because I should mention it. I had text my girlfriend Kate photos of several jumpsuits from Club Monaco I was debating wearing for a photoshoot. She said, “I tried on that exact jumpsuit in navy.” Of course she did, because she has incredible taste and that solidified I was on the right track with wardrobe!

blush club monaco jumpsuit

Hope you all have a great weekend!

Diana Elizabeth is an author, photographer, and obsessive antique shopper. You can typically find her in her garden wrist deep in dirt, at a local estate sale or planning her next epic party.


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