Blanket by my Momma

I found a blanket on Pinterest that I fell in love with it.  Of course, I can’t find it to send to you but when I saw it I sent it to my mom who can pretty much do anything creative and asked if she could knit one for me, but her own version. (Kalli recommended this pattern which looks pretty close)

The last time I was home in Granite Bay, Calif. we headed to the nearest Walmart to find the yarn colors I wanted.  I stood in the aisle with armfuls of yarn.  I even made my dad hold them so I could stand back and look.  Then I did role reversal with him to get his input too.  I picked five colors and then mom started her crocheting, knitting,whatever it’s called.  She gave me several versions of the flower/square shape and I picked which I liked best.  Then she was a knitting machine, even bringing the yarn from Nor Cal to our family road trip.

She text me, “Do you want it for one or two?”  At the time I just met Mr. Wonderful and I thought this would be the perfect cuddle blanket.  It fits a King sized bed – that’s how big it is.  I nearly screamed with excitement when I saw it and I sort of skipped around the room with it.  I just had to share because I am so proud of my mom making this and my dad told me she would knit this while in bed at 3 a.m.  Thanks mom, I love it and it’s a thousand million times better than the original I saw.  I’m going to keep it foreverandeverandever.

Due to the numbers of emails I’ve received over the pattern of this, I have to say that my mom didn’t have a pattern, it was in her head.  She’s never read a pattern before, she just looks at something or envisions it and does it.  I asked her to make one for all of you who’ve inquired but she doesn’t know how or what crochet instructions look like.  She’s so cute and talented!

Diana Elizabeth thinks crochet is such an amazing talent.  Sure she can photograph and build websites and do the graphic stuff, but the knitting/crochet thing, it’s just so cool.  Sure beats friendship bracelets, eh?

Trying to decide what to write to make myself sound interesting.



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