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While I continue to debate repainting my office, I figured a spring cleaning and little decor facelift might keep me content for a while longer. Spring is here so a few pops of colors and shiny things might help me focus (or the sparkly things might distract me, we will see).

diana-elizabeth-photographer-home-office-betsey-johnson-kleenex-phoenix-blogger-decor-home-114diana-elizabeth-photographer-home-office-betsey-johnson-kleenex-phoenix-blogger-decor-home-115Highlighter / Floral Box cutter / Gold Scissors / Horse letter opener (eBay) / Sticky notes from Kinko’s (old)

Sometimes you just need to get some cute accessories to feel like you’ve got a clean fresh start, a new brand, or a new you.  So maybe I’m trying to get out of the horrific task of painting, we’ll see!  My little paper map dresses rest on my cubby shelf.



Illustration by Inslee reminds me of my college gf Jackie and us just texting all day long.  The adorable Kate Spade metallic pencil cup holder is a gift from Ricki, and my drink coaster is a souvenir from London, Liberty of London, it’s one of my favorite stores in the world, tied with Fortnum & Mason.


I found the above print at the Scottsdale Marketplace which will be relocating this fall.  If you have never been, go!  It’s one of my favorite places to shop for the home and for gifts.  They sell new and antiques and it’s like walking into 38 estate sales all under one roof.

Do you have a visual board?  What do you put on yours?  Mine takes up the entire wall and I made it myself with duck cloth and upholstery nails.  It tends to be rather empty but the truth is, if I fill it up I get a little crazy because I like things clean.  I’ve even thought about getting rid of it all together and putting other artwork on that wall.  The truth is, I like that it bounces white light – the photographer in me!


Since I’m running out of space for frames, I pin or use washi tape to show my favorite photos.  I am blessed to have different groups from different phrases of life (high school, college, post college and back home girlfriends) and photos of them are all up there smiling at me reminding me how lucky I have to have such a great collection of friends.  I’m still trying to master the design of an inspiration board but with a board that big, it’s hard to balance inspiration without feeling cluttered.


I did end up buying the Serena & Lily french tassel window panels in black.  I bought them in 96″ height and hung my curtain rod higher which makes the room look much bigger.  I found them on eBay new for $50 for the pair!  Curtain rod is Pottery Barn – they have the most durable curtain rods and let’s be real, you’ll never replace curtain rods.

The skylight as you can tell is just illuminating my office space so beautifully.  It used to be such a dark little room and now I’m happy working in my little space.


What do you think?  I hope you like my little office spring spruce up.

Diana Elizabeth is an author, photographer, and obsessive antique shopper. You can typically find her in her garden wrist deep in dirt, at a local estate sale or planning her next epic party.


  • Andrea Kruse

    I love all the personal touches to your space! It is unique, whimsical and fun. #client

    • Diana Elizabeth

      Thanks Andrea, that’s exactly what I was hoping my space would feel like ;) It takes a while to gather all the personal stuff! xx!

  • Brandie @ HomeCookingMemories

    Ok, first…can I have your office? SO CUTE. I’m so crazy about that cubby hole shelf! I really like Betsey Johnson’s style too and I’m a huge fan of pink and black together so those Kleenex boxes are just perfect for me! I’m not sure I’ve seen them yet, but I’ll check my Smith’s store so I can take advantage of that deal.#client

    • Diana Elizabeth

      Cubby hole shelf is from Pottery Barn! :) It’d make a great advent calendar too!


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