over-door-jewelry-organizer-best-115Wall/Door-mount Jewelry Armoire – white / cherry / black / oak

I wanted to revisit this jewelry organizer because you might be cleaning and organizing your closet right now.  This is hands down the best jewelry organizer out of all the ones I’ve ever had.

It comes in different finishes – white, cherry, black, and oak.


It holds 36 necklaces, 48 earrings, 96 rings, and has a dozen compartments for watches, bracelets, other things.  When closed, it has a mirror on the front.

over-door-jewelry-organizer-best-111 over-the-door-best-jewelry-organizer-case-closet-lifestyle-blogger-116

I love it – because I can see everything in front of me and truth be told – if it gets full, it’s time to clear out my jewelry.

over-the-door-best-jewelry-organizer-case-closet-lifestyle-blogger-117 over-door-jewelry-organizer-best-112

Hope you add this one to your closet, it’s so worth it, I promise!  You might even find yourself accessorizing more!