Party Time at Bella Lily Bridal

L to R: Arizona Weddings, Angela Saban, la Ricki, Juju’s Tutus, Phoenix Bride & Groom, Brenda (Bella Lily), Victoria Canada, me, Stephanie Fay and Lauren Snow (many others not pictured this was end of the night)

Last week was a heavy work week for me, and this week is all social – the life of an entrepreneur.  If you’re lucky, your work is around really great company who you consider friends so it hardly seems like work!

Brenda had two preview parties for Bella Lily Bridal last week, industry and another for friends, the final days leading up to the grand opening to the public!  Here’s the recap from my iPhone.

We enlisted none other than the dessert table queen herself, Angela Saban who is a talented event designer (see wedding we did together here), and she bakes gluten free desserts and wedding cakes in the Phoenix valley for Angel Cakes Bakery.


I decided it was time to bring out the sequin pants.

Tamara from Petal Pusher brought this amazing bouquet – I love her work!


That’s owner Brenda above in the cutest skirt!

My girlfriend Nicole, former Miss Arizona America lives down the street and brought her gorgeous girls Miss North Phoenix, Miss Miss North Phoenix’s Teen and Miss Glendale’s Teen (Miss America system) to the boutique to browse.  I helped backstage zipping the contestants up backstage so I was happy to see them again.


I snapped a pic of the tags we made for the items in the store, I just thought it looked so pretty.  The back has a space for the Style No. and the price in pink.   Custom tags make such an impression.


The end of Friday night it was a scurry to break down the tables, put away the remaining desserts, take out the trash, and sweep the floors – we had a party the night before the Grand Opening!  As I prepared to leave – it was a slow departure let’s be honest, Brenda and I just thanked each other for the opportunity to work together.  I also have to admit I’m not a big crier – I’m very selective about what I cry about, I blame my eyes sometimes they work sometimes they don’t, but in this case, we were both overcome with emotion.  When you put your heart and soul into something and enjoy it, it’s an amazing feeling of being grateful to be a part of something big, and know you gave it your all.


What touched me the most was when Brenda said she knew that I felt that this was just as much my place as it was hers, I’m glad she knew how much I loved this dream.  So a few tears, hugs, good happy thoughts and a little prayer before I left, Bella Lily Bridal opened doors the next day, at 9 am and welcomed 4 brides, two of which found their wedding dresses!  I call that a success, now go stop by – you can go in to browse but if you need to try on a dress, make an appointment, it’ll be easier for you.

See the photos of Bella Lily Bridal here.

Diana Elizabeth is an author, photographer, and obsessive thrift shopper. You can typically find her in the garden wrist deep in dirt, at a local estate sale or planning her next epic party. She continues to blog weekly.


  • mk

    can’t wait to check this place out!!!

    • Diana Elizabeth

      My kindred spirit, it means SO much to me that you want to see my project and the way you took the space in, sat around, turned on the lights, you wanted to enjoy and see every detail. Thank you for being so interested in my passion and the space. I love you so much! What a fun night!! xoxo

  • Angela Saban

    Thank you, Diana and Brenda for allowing me to be a part of this wonderful unfolding of a dream! I told Brenda when I met her how incredibly brave I thought she was to embark on this adventure. It takes guts, bravery and most of all a HUGE desire to follow your dream to open your own business, especially a store front. I have no doubt that Bella Lily will be very successful, as Brenda’s love for her dresses and clients shines so brightly the moment you meet her. Diana, it’s no wonder that you caught her fever and became such an integral part of making this dream come true for her, as you are such an angel for all of us. Great job, and I can’t wait to send brides your way! xoxoxo Ang

    • Diana Elizabeth

      Thank you for sharing your talent and sprucing up the place with your gorgeous and yummy desserts! I hope you had a good time, and now you have a friend who owns a wedding boutique! xx

  • Mailinh

    Seeing this makes me so happy for you! The space looks amazing. I totally wish I could have been there to support you.


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