Be the person who…

  • When asked to write a review for a friend’s business, you do it because you know it will help.
  • Comments on people’s blog posts instead of being a silent reader.
  • Visits other’s blog posts and comments back on theirs every once in a while.
  • Sends thank you cards for every and any reason at all.
  • If you can, stay after a party has ended to help clean up.
  • Gives credit to every one involved in your success or project.
  • Markets for other businesses because you believe in them and you want to see them succeed.
  • Forgives and forgets, because you know you aren’t perfect either.
  • Doesn’t keep secrets when it comes to technique, business ideas, or contacts.
  • Keeps secrets when asked to.
  • Stops counting.
  • Overlooks what people don’t or didn’t do, and highlight what other’s did do.
  • Continually gives because you want to, not because you expect anything in return.
  • Returns every single email and inquiry given to you, even if you can’t really help them or give them a job.
  • Realizes you can’t be everything to every one, but you can still be pretty amazing.
  • Tells people how much you appreciate them.

These are the things I hope to be this year.

Diana Elizabeth is getting the house ready for this weekend’s backyard reception! ¬†Guess who’s designing it? ¬†La Ricki of course!

Diana Elizabeth is an author, photographer, and obsessive thrift shopper. You can typically find her in the garden wrist deep in dirt, at a local estate sale or planning her next epic party. She continues to blog weekly.


  • Emily

    I saw your wedding photos on Ryan’s site and loved them! Started following your blog and you’re so stylish, talented and witty, I love it! He shot our engagement photos and my bridals, like you, I had never met him but I didn’t hesitate to fly him out to Colorado for a session!

  • krystal

    Great list, girl! I can’t stand it when people don’t get back to me whether it is via text, voicemail, email, or facebook! If I ask something and we are friends, you’d think they could reply back, however brief! And I love the blog commenting section! I almost want to put a post up saying “who are you?” just because I’m nosy and curious and want to know who reads it! Hardly anyone comments or contacts me from there so I have no clue haha!

  • Mailinh Nguyen

    Love this!!!! :)


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