Orange County Beach Time!


This past weekend I flew out to Orange County to catch up with Melayne – it’s always fun girl, down time when I see her every summer. We eat, enjoy the beach, and talk – a lot about everything.

I realized how it’s amazing to laugh with people not necessarily because they’re funny or you’re funny, but the relationship and chats can make you laugh and that’s the best part of friendship. You might have already figured out that my girlfriends are a huge part of my world.

First night, Tabu Shabu – I love shabu so much, it’s kind of ridiculous, it’s a toss up – am I seeing Melayne or am I visiting Tabu Shabu? Just kidding!


I researched how I could have shabu in my house. The reality is, I don’t feel like getting the meat so I need to find a good neighborhood place around me in Phoenix. We get chicken and lamb shoulder and I ordered a broth ¬†similar to ramen soup – salty! Melayne likes spicy so you can see her peppers flowing in her broth.

Melayne also plays beach volleyball on the weekends – she was an NCAA volleyball player at UofA and South Florida. It’s funny we went to the same college and were the same year but we didn’t know each other. We did know a ton of the same UofA athletes. We later met competing in a pageant!


We took a few fun shots at the beach these are iPhone shots. I brought my new to me but very old film camera and right now a few rolls are in the process of being developed and scanned. I’m unsure if any will even turn out at everything was experimental with using an ancient camera for the first time, trying to see how the camera’s custom settings work, and figuring out which film I like.

If they’re worth sharing, I will of course. Otherwise, I enjoy challenging myself as a photographer.


There was a lot of eating – Shirley’s Bagels in Costa Mesa is so popular, we ordered open faced bagels. I need to make this at home, so here’s the recipe – Sliced bagel, cream cheese, sliced cucumbers, avocado, tomatoes and some lemon pepper seasoning. Amazing.


I also love stopping into Heritage Mercantile Co. It’s such a cute store even cuter on the outside with vines crawling up!


Melayne also cooked for me, she had some salmon her mom and dad caught on a recent Alaska trip. I would love to go back to Alaska and bring Benjamin (I went when I was in jr. high on a cruise).

Such a catch! Melayne, I mean.


I got a crazy sunburn on my left arm. It just felt so good that day with the breeze and sun that I didn’t think I was getting fried – just like that horrible back tan from France that took me three months to get rid of.

I also have tan lines from my bathing suit which I thought were imprints. I definitely would not have done this if I had filmed that commercial last week, I’m very careful about my professionalism with modeling.


As we sat on the porch facing the beach – like it was one of those rows of homes right on Newport Beach, Ryan made us legit Acai bowls, the frozen Acai is below and it was incredibly refreshing.

A lady walked by and mentioned how good it looked before I took a bite and I told her I’d sell her mine for $40.

But I’m so glad I didn’t.

I have one more trip back to California to visit my family and friends – Nor Cal this time and then I’ll stay put in Arizona because the weather will be amazing and all of you will be begging to visit me! Haha! It’s been a fun summer so far – haven’t even noticed the heat because I’ve been gone every other weekend which has been such a blessing, I love my summer trips!

Have a great weekend!

Diana Elizabeth is an author, photographer, and obsessive thrift shopper. You can typically find her in the garden wrist deep in dirt, at a local estate sale or planning her next creative themed party. She continues to blog weekly.


  • Carissa

    Ok, so I keep them pretty basic. There are a zillion and one beautiful pictures of superfood acai bowls on Pinterest, but ain’t nobody got time for that.
    I use these:

    I keep a container of frozen banana pieces in the freezer and a stash of unsweetened unflavored coconut water.

    Put an acai pack or two in the blender, add coconut water so that the acai begins to melt a little. Add in the equivalent of one or two bananas, depending on how many packs of acai you used. Then blend blend blend, adding more coconut water as needed. Then I top ours with granola (the diy kind I posted a recipe for on my blog) or you can just buy some at the store. Other people add more bananas on top (but that’s too much sugar for me). You could add anything on top for fun! They are super delicious and I love the crunch of the granola.

    • Diana Elizabeth

      This is amazing! OK thank you so much for this! Too bad I can’t buy all this on Amazon and it looks like I must step foot into a grocery store ;) Good news, there’s a Whole Foods right down the street from us. I always buy bananas but they always end up going bad. Good call on freezing the pieces. xo!

  • Carissa

    Michael and I make acai bowls almost every night for our dessert. It’s how we broke our ice cream habit. I have to take the blender into our upstairs bathroom because the kitchen is next to Charlie’s room. Really annoying but always worth it.

    • Diana Elizabeth

      That’s the cutest thing, blending in the bathroom, lol. :) Ok can you please tell me how you make your acai? xo!

  • Becky

    Only you could get away with leggings with pineapples on them!!! They’re very cute!!!! Looks like you had a beautiful time in Orange County. xoxo


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