grapefruit tree picking girl on ladder

Be careful what you say around trees…

Remember our beloved old grapefruit tree in our backyard? I swore she heard us when we discussed her exit aka death and later that night she split in half? I think trees have ears because it happened again…

grapefruit tree picking girl on ladder^^ The old lady in her last years, so glad I did a shoot with her! Photo by Melissa Schollaert

ou can read the story about my ode to the grapefruit tree before we removed it here.  I have a story for you that happened earlier this week.

First, let’s make it known that Benjamin and I get along however the only single thing that we have strong disagreements on that can get us to raise our voices is *drumroll* landscaping. It has been maddening for the past 10 years.

To summarize the issue, he would like to live in a small place with no maintenance. However, he keeps buying the dang trees around here – every new tree is because he wanted to plant it. I am in charge of making it pretty – oh also the garden beds were his idea and now I’m maintaining them (and also grateful he introduced me to a new hobby). Anyway, I want grass, he wants to not mow. Only he doesn’t have to, we can hire someone but he doesn’t, so every Sunday he complains like he’s about to go to war before he heads out to mow our lawn.

When we expanded two years ago, he asked me to remove some grass on our property so I did and we had a circle driveway now which is wonderful for all our guests to not be parked on the street, and we added artificial turf to the side yard which became our kitchen garden.

I did my part.

^^ Almost two years ago when we constructed the new open-air garage and worked on the front yard landscape.

But, in between our heated discussions and him wanting to purchase MORE trees and place them in random areas, we were standing in front of our house and discussing the old tree – which we both love but is starting to be infested with carpenter bees tunneling into it and making limbs weak. Then the discussion went into when it dies and replacing it with other things. Having flashbacks, I quickly told him to stop doing that because last time ….

I did not want a tree to kill itself again like our grapefruit tree ^^

Well, the next day, Monday night, which was earlier this week, we had a storm. The winds were about 75 mph and I could hear things flying around outside and then I heard something and peeked out the offie window and saw this.

The front tree committed suicide, like our grapefruit tree.

OK, so maaaaaybe I’m being over the top but listen, it’s happened twice now. I didn’t see any carpenter bee tunneling in the fallen part, but we will see when we remove it later this week. But are you kidding me.

This time though I haven’t cried about it. I’ve reached the age when things happen, like you drop your iPhone and the screen cracks or you get into a fender bender, well, it is what it is. No use freaking out over it or wasting energy over it because what has been done is done. But we cannot let this tree go!  It will be a difficult spot to replace with another tree given it’s location and deep roots.

So, be careful what you say around trees.

^^ Our home before we redid it. Watercolor by Michelle Schneider

Diana Elizabeth always tells her roses they are beautiful because she thinks they will hear her and make more blooms! 

Diana Elizabeth is an author, photographer, and obsessive antique shopper. You can typically find her in her garden wrist deep in dirt, at a local estate sale or planning her next epic party.


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