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Taking a Seat in the Garden: Garden Bench Seating

garden bench soft light blue from Wayfair backyard entertaining goals seating on the blog

Adirondack Garden bench: Wayfair (c/o)

Benjamin thinks I collect chairs for the backyard. It’s kind of true. I’m always counting chairs and garden bench seats and how many people I can seat comfortably when I entertain in the backyard because no one wants to stand all day or night if they are hanging out!

Plus, there are so many cute chairs out there that can also serve as decoration when they aren’t in use – bonus is finding fun colors that pop. I love classic white and black but can you also tell I love color? Color is life! When I head to the nursery I’m always looking for colorful blooms. We even planted two trees that turn a gorgeous orange and fire red before the leaves drop – Chinese Pistache and a Red Oak!

garden bench soft light blue from Wayfair backyard entertaining goals seating on the blog

I can’t believe that patio (to the right in above photo) will soon be livable space. Our home has come a long way, even our backyard which. am thankful for. It’s been 7 years of living in our home and it does take patience and lots of time to get to where it is now, and I’m shocked with all the talk over the years of expanding we saved up the money and we are doing it. Our space planner finished the plans and we are waiting on the draftsman then we submit to the city for approval.

You might already know I love to play hostess and when I do a count of how many people are coming to a shower, I count seats. I’ve probably kept some seats a bit too long that were past expiration because I needed the seat rather than actually loving the chair. After my recent boho bridal shower I hosted, we finally retired a few chairs and are looking to buy new especially for fall (in Phoenix we are very backwards on our entertaining seasons!)

I was happy to get this Adirondack bench, courtesy of Wayfair to show we shouldn’t overlook our backyard, we should want to make it beautiful and celebrate all the goodness the outdoors can bring!

garden bench soft light blue from Wayfair backyard entertaining goals seating on the blog

garden bench soft light blue from Wayfair backyard entertaining goals seating on the blog

Don’t forget how impactful the right outdoor pillows can make it! Pick pillows in fun bright prints and colors – I always prefer classic prints that will never go out of style like gingham or stripes.

I highly recommend you buy furniture already painted. I bought my old Adirondack chairs unfinished and had to paint them white – and it’s been the story every since. It’s not fun, so if you can, buy the furniture already painted.

Here are some other cute benches on Wayfair that are affordably priced and I have saved in my cart.  #2 is one of my favorites, so French! And I have my eye on #6 too!

affordable backyard benches

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 56
Most come in various colors

cast iron benches from craigslist backyard patio entertaining seating

I haven’t met an outdoor bench or chair I didn’t like – from finding a cast iron set from Craigslist for $150 (the blue chairs you see in the back), Pull up a chair and gather around the fire pit. Let’s chat, let’s roast marshmallows, or just sit down and enjoy the garden view. I also think if you’re wondering how to decorate your backyard, look to seating!

Pants and flowers bring some color and texture, and the furniture can bring some personality. It’s another room to decorate, the outdoors, so don’t overlook it, you can have so much fun with it – you know I do! You can see my backyard here.

Meanwhile, I need to tackle my garden beds soon, we’re getting a guy out to redo the watering system in my garden beds so they are better for fall, and also I need to paint the beds with some milk paint to brighten them up, a little more white coastal look is my goal. I have everything ready, just need the temps to cool down a bit and I can get going.

And I have realized I need some new outdoor side tables, or garden stools (to be used for seating or putting drinks down) so I’m back on Wayfair now looking at those!

And now for some side table inspiration, I am eying #3, so gorgeous!

outdoor side table garden stools

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5

If you’re preparing for some entertaining whether it be the rest of this summer, or fall like we are, make sure you have plenty of seating for your guests! Or even just a sweet spot for you *wink*

garden bench soft light blue from Wayfair backyard entertaining goals seating on the blog

Diana Elizabeth is an author, photographer, and obsessive thrift shopper. You can typically find her in the garden wrist deep in dirt, at a local estate sale or planning her next epic party. She continues to blog weekly.


  • Diane

    Diana… The ADK garden bench is so sweet and perfect for parties! I bet you can hardly wait to get going on your new space. xo Diane


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