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Last week the Rakuten Symposium was in town – I went to the New York event last summer. My days were packed with quick brand meetings and networking with other bloggers. The event has proved to be of great importance for my blog – it sets a great tone for the first few quarters and sometimes even the entire year. The next one is in New York in June and I’m considering going as you know I can never get enough of that amazing city.

It was also perfect timing for me to be busy as Mr. Wonderful was out of town for work so I didn’t feel so guilty not being home. What do you do when your significant other is out of town? Because I thought I just indulged with Netflix marathons, not closing the bathroom door (TMI?) and eating out but I discovered a total indulgence.

Total romantic chick flicks. It started with “The Vow” which made me giggle thinking how unrealistic that would be waking up from a comma and not being thrilled realizing Channing Tatum was your husband you forgot you married five years ago. I love Rachel McAdams, I feel like we’d be friends in real life. Then I watched “Dear John” which sounds as if I developed some crush on Channing but it really was a coincidence because of the whole movie genre recommendation. I forgot how much I love chick flicks, dinner from Whole Foods, changing into pajamas as soon as I walk into the door, and going to bed early waking up at 1 am to watch more chick flicks, then blog on my laptop at 3 am at the same time – lol, who wants to come over now?

In addition to what I do when the Mr. isn’t home, I always over touch my closet, like I’m always sorting. I am currently still sorting my clothes and decided there’s a pajama drawer, lounge wear (sweatpants, sweatshirts, bralettes) and the athleisure wear aka active wear. Tell me that hilarious YouTube active wear jingle pops into your head when you hear active wear! I love that there are fun prints and designs now with athleisure wear/active wear to make it a bit more fun – and an upgrade from leggings, not that anything is wrong with leggings or sweatpants, you know I’m an advocate. If you’re looking for some cute items, check out WITH – Wear It With Heart. I fell in love with the high-waisted legging look – kinda sucks everything in if you ask me and these were pretty cute I’m looking forward to wearing them! You have to check out their roller girl leggings, if only I knew how to roller skate, true (sad) story. Great for daily wear and traveling – I love graphic pants.

And another at my leisure indulgence – my home sounds like Anthropologie. Find the “French Traditional” station on Pandora and it’s the best station making you feel like you are in France. Don’t forget the word “traditional” or else French Montana comes up who is Khloe’s ex and now I have no idea how I got to integrating the Kardashian’s on my blog post which means it’s time to say goodbye.

Hope you get a little taste of indulgence at your leisure, whatever that looks like for you. xx

Diana Elizabeth is an author, photographer, and obsessive antique shopper. You can typically find her in the garden wrist deep in dirt, at a local estate sale or planning her next epic party. She continues to blog weekly.


  • Carissa

    I’m still making my way through posts of yours that I’ve missed and I just added the French Pandora station.
    I recently purchased a set of workout pieces from Outdoor Voices. They’re great!
    The other week I watched Step Up with Channing Tatum while ironing, I saw that as a teen in theaters. I’ll come over and watch chick flicks anyyyytime (if only we were closer). I just watched that Nicholas Sparks one called Safe Haven – it was decent! Pretty typical Nicholas Sparks.

  • Sherry

    So pretty.


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