Dinner and a movie on DVD, Netflix, or Amazon Prime TV – whether movie watching or show binge watching that is equivalent to a movie (or two or three…), let’s agree the best nights right now for date night is staying in the comfort of a warm home and sweatpants – when the makeup is optional haha!

When the food arrives via Postmates or Mr. Wonderful picking it up, I feel like I’m on my dream date *wink*

If you are in need for some ideas on what to watch for date night, boy do I have a good list for you.

Date night in with a movie ideas:

  • Mr. Selfridge on Amazon Prime, if you loved Downton Abbey, you’ll love this masterpiece theater classic.
  • Grantchester on Amazon Prime, also a masterpiece mystery, it’s a mix of Downton Abbey (village like), Poldark and Sherlock!
  • The Confirmation
  • The Man in the Highcastle series on Amazon Prime. Based on a book, if the Nazi’s won WWII, how America would look. See Benjamin’s twin, you’ll know it when you see him ;)
  • Glitch on Netflix, a handful of people come out of their graves on the same night in Australia – some died 100 years ago, some just several years ago. Find out why they are back, their story and why they can’t leave a certain area without dying (again).

Must have needs for a great movie night, a nice cushy deep couch, fur blanket, generous drinking glass so you don’t have to miss a thing, and those necessities for the family room that set the tone and incentive to have dinner and a movie at home – all the time. And you can make fun of dinner/snack trays but after I saw my dad pull one out a few months ago I thought, first, where did he get that? followed by, that really is genius, and I wish I had one right now. I mean they continue to exist for a reason *wink*

Here are some ideas to get your living room cozy and your night ready for dinner and movie nights – I’m toasting you from the couch: